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Early Packards

A friend of mine was fortunate enough to acquire these photographs recently, and has kindly allowed us to share them here. These are 1903 Packard model F’s, inside the garage at the Farragut Hotel at Rye Beach, New Hampshire. The hotel, built in 1883, replaced an earlier one that burned. The cars look new, and in 1903, the closest Packard agent was H. B. Shattuck & Son, located at 239 Columbus Ave., Boston. In December of 1903, Packard made Alvan T. Fuller its first distributer (company’s spelling), coupling agency with an exclusive franchise territory. Fuller went on to become a tremendously successful seller of Packards (and later, Cadillacs), and governor of Massachusetts. He had a summer home not far from the Farragut Hotel. Notice the upside down sign for Stearns bicycles behind the rear entrance tonneau being repaired, and the minimal clearance between the front fenders and the floor.

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