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The Gould Family, Lakewood N.J. 1900

This press photo was taken in 1900 and has its original release with it which reads as follows: There was, even in 1900, an automobile for every member of George J. Gould’s family. They were under the guidance of the chauffeur, who is shown in the big car while teaching the children how to drive at their estate at Lakewood, NJ.  In the car on the left are Kingdon and Marjorie Gould. The next car little car is George Jay Gould, in the family car is the chauffeur and in the car to the right is Jay and Vivian Gould.

The only car that we can positively identify is the family car which is a French Panhard Levassor. The two motorettes appear to be possibly powered by De Dion Bouton single cylinder engines and the little car maybe an electric. Photo The Old Motor.


5 responses to “The Gould Family, Lakewood N.J. 1900

  1. Mark thanks for the photos of the motorettes. This actual photo is here in our collection and as it is a press photo there are more out there some where. The nice thing about this copy is the original typed paper press release with all of the names location and date on the back.

  2. This picture was published in a book , “American Album” ,rare photographs collected by the editors of American Heritage. I posted it on AACA forums to show the similarity of the center kid’s car to the “Browniecar” which was made by Mora, another car whose picture was recently posted here.

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