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Unique Photo of the Dan La Lee Retractible Streamliner Surfaces

Several years ago we did a post filled with photos and information about the Dan La Lee Streamliner. Recently Sondre Kvipt of the Kustonrama sent a message about a new photo of the car that has been uncovered: “A couple of weeks ago Roger Babler sent me a rare photo of the Dan La Lee Streamliner that his parents took on their honeymoon in 1938.” They were from Wisconsin and were traveling in the Southwest when this photograph was taken.

The “Streamliner” is parked in front of Teitelbaum Furs at 6922 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. Perhaps our readers can identify the truck or fire apparatus seen in the second larger photo?

You can view one of the images of the car below from our earlier coverage The Innovative Dan La Lee Retractable Streamliner, which includes three more photos and more information. An article is included below that was found at Modern Mechanix that tells us a bit more information about the car which was constructed on a Ford V-8 Chassis.


  • The Dan La Lee Streamliner parked in front of Teitelbaum’s Furs above and a photo of the car below from our earlier coverage.


  • Article from “Modern Mechanix” below shows some of the cars features and describes the car’s construction. 


10 responses to “Unique Photo of the Dan La Lee Retractible Streamliner Surfaces

  1. Posted for Tin Indian: Were there ever any posts here at TOM on the French retractables? Or any early retractables for that manner? Complicated mechanisms to do something novel are always interesting!

  2. I am envisioning the necessary brackets to backing plates for the FRONT WHEEL aerodynamic pivoting “pants”. I believe that the shock absorber in the foreground is of Westinghouse Manufacture and used on various larger vehicles — as was a Much Larger Version of Ford’s 1928 – 1948 Houdaille (“HOO-DYE”) shock absorbers — also found on Railroad Pullman Passenger & Sleeper coaches.

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