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Gas And Go – Hupmobile Forty-Eight State Tour For Better Roads

One of the most popular ways early automakers chose to promote a car was a coast-to-coast tour or non-stop cross country run. In 1916 Hupmobile initiated a longer test of the new and just introduced 1916 Series “N” touring car and sent one on a six month long forty eight state tour; on the run, the new car visited the capitol of each state.

The two photos on view here were part of over twelve-hundred images that were taken on the journey and show it being filled with gasoline and oil at the Davis Garage and a curbside filling station. The “New York Times” reported on January 28, 1917, that car arrived in Washington DC and had covered 19,861 miles. The photographs and five-thousand feet of “movie film and a detailed report of road conditions were turned over to the proper authorities for use in the advancing the movement for better roads.”

The American Geographical Society map below of the run was published by the National Highways Association and is courtesy of the UWMilwaukee Libraries. The images are courtesy of the Detroit Public Library.



10 responses to “Gas And Go – Hupmobile Forty-Eight State Tour For Better Roads

  1. I will offer a quick correction here. The car used on the State Capitol Tour was a late 1916 Series N, not an R. The R wasn’t introduced until late 1917 for the 1918 model year.

    I have an identical Series N that I am in the process of restoring. For a time, a few of us believed my car may be the National Tour car….but I don’t have a way of proving it unless I could compare SN numbers.

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