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A Young Man and His Early Packard Speedster

Just like today, back in time if you wanted to have a racy looking high-performance car on a limited budget, modifying an older car was a path often chosen. Up until the mid-1920s stripping a car of its original bodywork and building a lightweight and more aerodynamic “speedster” body for it was a popular way to go. With less weight to carry around and with reduced aero drag an automobile could be turned into a faster machine.

The owner of this Packard either purchased this one already completed or converted it himself or had someone do it for him and ended up with a very sporty machine. For a more refined result, often the frame would be cut and shortened which improved the handling and eliminated, even more, weight.

We will leave it to the experts to identify just which series Packard this is and what year it was originally manufactured in. The image is courtesy of Antique Automobile Photographs.

15 responses to “A Young Man and His Early Packard Speedster

  1. I guess the year of manufacture should be towards the end of 1920’s as the head lamps are no longer drum type which continued up to 1928 .

  2. My guess is pre 1922 because of the style of the headlights. The wheels also help identify the car as a late teens early ’20s Packard. Zeke

  3. Loving the jumpseat on the running board. Talk about wind-in-your-hair motoring.

    And the customizer would have had to drop the steering column down, wouldn’t they?

  4. Looks to be a late teens Twin Six. I don’t know if there were any differences in the chassis details between the various series of these.

  5. Sure looks as though King Vidor had a L head Mercer in mind as the scuttle and bucket seats are very similar to
    the 1915+ Mercer raceabouts.

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