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Port Arthur Texas – Pleasure Pier Parking Lot

Sea-side-parking-lot-Port-Arthur-Tx-1920s-and-1930s-automobiles 2

Port Arthur, Texas is located ninety miles east of the City of Houston near the Texas and Louisiana border; it has a large and protected harbor on Lake Sabine just inland of the Gulf of Mexico. As early as 1907 the first of a number of Pleasure Piers was built which extend out into Lake Sabine. The visitors appear to be watching some type of an attraction near it or out in the water.

Today’s lead photograph and the expandable images show the parking lot for the Pier circa 1936 filled with automobiles. The majority of the vehicles are average American cars, and a couple of Model “T” Fords appear to be the oldest. Tell us what you find of interest in the photo.

The image was taken by the Trost Studio and is courtesy of the Port Arthur Texas Library via The Portal to Texas History.

Sea-side-parking-lot-Port-Arthur-Tx-1920s-and-1930s-automobiles 3

10 responses to “Port Arthur Texas – Pleasure Pier Parking Lot

  1. I suppose this thought is a day late and a dollar short but… If all the cars from Ford were painted black, how in the heck would you find your car in the parking area?

    • The only in black was from 1909 to 1925. Before and after there were colors. The story goes that the black paint he used was the only color that could dry in time using his assembly line.

      • Michael, I am 75 years old now and have attended many antique car shows since I started driving at age 16. At these car shows I have seen many “T” Fords and it is my observation that the “T” Fords were available in a variety of colors from 1909 until 1913. Beginning in 1914 they were only available in the color black for the reason that you stated. I have been told that the actual name of this color was Japan Black Enamel.

        • My dates are from the Model T Ford Club of America. If you go to the MTFCA site and click on Encyclopedia and look for the paint section there is quite a lengthily post on paint, what when and how.

  2. I looks to me like these photos date from about 1934 or 35, at the latest. I see a number of 33-34 Fords, and maybe one ’35 Plymouth or Dodge. Among the many Fords, I found only one “T”.

  3. What caught my eye is the island itself. Totally man made from the dredge spoils from dredging the ship channel from P.A to Beaumont. Only this spot and the road to it from the bridge is elevated enough for solid ground. The rest is still low. Much on both sides of the road are filled in much higher now.

    • An American Bantam perhaps? Four more cars up from that is a sportily short coupe altho this one at least commensurate in height to the rest.

  4. There IS a possibility that there is —ONE Model AA Ford Truck there (OR it could be an overloaded Model A Pickup) — with what might be an ICE CREAM (Carbon Dioxide Ice cooled ) WHITE painted freezer — as there is a guy dressed in white food sales gear — waiting— behind it, — hoping for a sale! I also notice that it is a hot muggy day and that everyone has their FRONT windshields OPEN!!! On our ’30 Ford MODEL AA Ford Stakebed Truck , we refer to it as: “TRIPLE 35” (WINDOWS DOWN, WINDSHIELD OPEN, 35 MPH (on the flat!) Her name is: “BELLE” for her Bells, Whistles & Horns — and AFTER a HOT 4th of JULY (Favorite !!!) Parade —in Fairview, W.V. , about 30 miles away , — we ALWAYS look forward to: “TRIPLE 35” (wherever there’s a flat spot!!!) (RARE!!!)

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