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Circa 1960 Philadelphia Area Parking Lot View Filled with Cars

Today we are back in the Philadelphia, PA area with an excellent view of a parking lot filled with automobiles and trucks for you to peruse. The location of this image was not identified, but after a bit of research of Abbotts Ice Cream, it was found to have been produced in the Philadelphia by Abbotts Dairy between 1876 to 1984.

The great majority of the cars in the view appear to date back to the late-1940s or early-1950s, and the 1959 Rambler on the far-left of the front row may be one of the newest cars in the lot? Tell us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of contributor Benjamin Ames.

A&P Super market parking lot circa 1960 - 1950s and 1960s automobiles

22 responses to “Circa 1960 Philadelphia Area Parking Lot View Filled with Cars

  1. In the middle of the picture is a 1959 Ford Custom 300. That car is sporting the chevrons that were added for the spring of 1959.

  2. In the 1st row of parked cars, 5th car from the left, is a 1955 OLDSMOBILE convertible.

    Parked on the left near the trees, a little ways back, is a 1956 DeSOTO FIREFLITE [parked next to a RAMBLER beach-wagon.

    • Your right, our family shopped at the A&P for years. As a kid I loved the smell of the eight o’clock coffee grinders at the end of the checkout counters.

    • There is an Acme there now, but 180 W. Girard Avenue– in fact, the entire stretch of West Girard from Hancock to 2d on the south side– was part of Schmidt’s Brewery during the 1950s and 1960s.

  3. I do seem to get in on the late end of the comments… but for what it’s worth , it does seem to be late in the year 1959 during the holiday season ? I count 5 cars, year 1960. the closest being the afore-mentioned ’60 Dart, further afield at back the Olds wagon and moving to the far right close together looking out of the picture in the far corner a Ford and closer yet a Buick,,, moving even nearer across the drive, the rear of a ’60 Chevy top of the line wagon… I was able to examine the foto closer by greatly enlarging it . What i will do of a sleepless nite.

  4. At first glance the pickup with the camper and boat looks like it is a ’54 Chevy, but it is actually a much less common ’54 Dodge C-1. The Chevy did not have the roof seam around the back of the cab.

  5. Looking down the front row of cars, we see a ’59 Rambler, a ’55 Chevy, don’t know the year of the Dodge, ’58 Chevy , possibly a ’54 Olds, and a ’49 or ’50 Ford. That’s the best I can do.

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