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Phantom Pistons – A Unique Automobile Graveyard

Old Automobile Junkyard 2

For something a little out of the ordinary and outside of the US today we travel to Sweden and Estonia. Abandoned Nordic recently released the video “Phantom Pistons,” which is a surreal drive through an automobile graveyard located deep in a forest in a rural area of Sweden.

The vehicles range in age from the postwar era to the early-1970s and include European, British and American vehicles. Many are economy cars, but somewhere included in the mix are a few Rolls-Royces. It appears to have been an operating automotive junkyard that time and circumstances have passed by.

The lead photo of a pickup truck perched on a large rock and a pair of fuel pumps at a deserted filling station below are a part of a unique photographic display of many different forms of forsaken transportation that includes vehicles, planes, and trains in Estonia. Visit Abandoned Nordic to view them and much more. Let us know what you find of interest here.

Old Junkyard Photos

Abandoned Antique Gasoline Pumps

30 responses to “Phantom Pistons – A Unique Automobile Graveyard

  1. I’m fascinated to have not witnessed a single intact headlamp in the yard in the first viewing of that video. Windshields and other glass seemed to have landed in a hostile place were much of it was removed or perhaps broken intentionally.

  2. The car show on top is a Russian 1970s Moskvich 412 Pickup, 1.6 litre, 70hp, based on 1930s GM (Opel Kadett) technology. Were I was akid, my uncle had one.

    • Here in my country I saw some Moskvich 412 but panel vans versions by the 80´s,they lasted only some 5 years .They were dammed to be eaten by the rust… They tended to lost the rear doors as the hinges were too weak… and of course finding spare parts was a lost battlle .

  3. Wow David, just the type of place I’d like to wander around and get ideas from. I’ll bet there are some cool sports cars hidden in there somewhere.

  4. That was cool. Creepy, like the same feeling I get when walking through a people cemetery. Just think, all those cars had a story, like tombstones. And then, amid all this silent decay, ,,a nice house. The only cars I recognized were the Volvo’s and Saabs.

  5. Some good 122S Volvo parts cars there David. I think I even see a 445 in there.
    I wonder if the red car up in the trees was picked up by them as they grew.

  6. Odd thing I noticed was that few of the cars have been stripped for parts. A missing door here, a hood there, most appear completely intact as more a sad collection of disintegrating scrap than a working salvage yard.

  7. Like so many junkyards in the US. Cars were parked in the front (or rear) yard and the homeowner had an immediate income from his “used parts” lot. Saw many of those in my younger days, but not anymore with zoning laws and such. I bought my 2nd car, 1946 Ford Coupe from such a lot.

  8. Great video, downright eerie! Love it! Does bring back memories of roaming abandoned junk yards in Nebraska.

  9. My Volvo-loving soul cries for all those old barrel-back 444’s and 544’s in there. The Amazons were pretty pitiful also but the old SAAB’s were the most sad looking. Filming them in the snow was a stroke of genius!

  10. Great video. Beats most entries in an art installation any day. I think that this location has been featured in some of the historic car magazines – such as the British “Practical Classics” a few times. There’s even a beige Austin Allegro! Would be entertaining to know more about this place

  11. A tear came to my eye…….just think of all the happy memories made in those cars…………probably some deaths too………..that’s that heavy music getting to me………didn’t they have cash for clunkers in Sweden? Ouch that hurt. I hope that never comes around again. ” where have all the small blocks gone ” ( sung to where have all the flowers gone )

  12. I spotted a couple french cars : Peugeot 404 (several), 403, Renault 16 at the beginning, Simca Chambord . Will they continue their peaceful rest (rust ?) ?

  13. Is : ” DPSLSCCHVAC” (see above) anything like: “Triple 35” A/C? Roll down both windows — and fully open the front windshield and “careen down the road” at 35 m.p.h. *( with her “ears down”) (anywhere where it is flat! (Rare, here!) * = 1930 AA Ford Cruise Control! I like the Volvos that look like: ’48 Ford Fordor Sedans. Edwin W.

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