A Brooks Stevens Creation

A pair of interesting photos were posted by Dan Strohl over at the HMN blog. The wagon is a 1953 Cadillac nine-passenger, that Brooks Stevens designed this unique top and wood trim for.

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2 Responses to A Brooks Stevens Creation

  1. Mr. Linsky says:

    Beautiful pictures but I’m afraid to tell you that the vehicle is a 1950 Cadillac and not a 53!

    Tell tale signs include both lack of back-up lenses under stop lights, lack of exhaust outlets built into rear bumper, lack of ‘sculptured front bumper and ‘gladiator shield’ type wheel discs – all marks found on the 53.

    I would say that the car was a 1950 Model 5062 Sedan,


    Mr. ‘L’

    • Thanks for you input, you probably are correct about the year of the car. The 1953 date was the year that Steven’s did the conversion which maybe why it got dated that way.

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