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Bill Loch Sells Unique and Late-Model Vehicles in Oklahoma City

Donald Ellis sent this photo along some time ago with the following note: “I remember Bill Loch’s used car lot located on N.W. Fourth Street in Oklahoma City, OK. They always had some interesting cars.” Donald is correct about that, as it looked as though Loch worked hard on having eye-catching cars on the lot, which are the ones that sell quickly. The photo is dated May 1948, and the majority of the vehicles appear to be late-model cars.

The Ford hi-boy roadster at the front of the second row from the left has a 1930 or ’31 body. It appears to sport a flat head Ford V-8, custom upholstery, and later wheels with hubcaps and is an A-V-8 unless the Model “A” Ford body was installed on a 1932 chassis. The white 1933 or ’34 Ford three-window coupe is also interesting.

Let us know what you find of interest in the photograph courtesy of the Oklahoma State Historical Society.

12 responses to “Bill Loch Sells Unique and Late-Model Vehicles in Oklahoma City

  1. The month I was hatched.. My pop was into buying and selling pre-war left overs, one at a time. There was always a temporary car in the drive being cleaned and serviced. Until one day ( Christmas ’51 ) when he decided to buy a new Ford dump truck. Yes green. Then his home life became sporadic.

  2. Parked in the lot, in front of the water heaters’ sign, is a 1946 OLDSMOBILE.

    Parked on the street, on the far right, is the front-end of a 1941 PLYMOUTH.

    • That ’41 Plymouth doesn’t look like it has a ’41 Plymouth hood ornament on it. It looks more like a ’48 Buick hood ornament, what do you think?

  3. Don’t care about those “late models”, I’ll take that ’34 three window any time. My all time favorite early Ford. Came close to getting one during my reckless youth, but had to settle for the Fordor version. Either way a full race flatty was part of the deal. That car is now restored somewhere in western Nebraska.

  4. Yep, there’s my teenage driver A ’48 Dodge, the slowest car in the world, right behind an almost as slow ’46 ’47 Oldsmobile !

    Used to be an elderly dutchiefied gentleman in my hometown, who couldn’t seem to pronounce the name Oldsmobile, It always came out as Oldsmobotamobile !
    Poor guy never figured out why everybody laughed when he said it !

    • I think the Olds is a ’48. Note the chrome stone guard with horizontal ridges on the leading edge of the rear fender. The guard was smooth black rubber in ’46 and ’47.

  5. ’29 Model A Phaeton with what looks like some canvas wind deflectors. I’ll bet it was a low miles cream puff to attract any attention post WWII

    • Ford offered” gypsy wings” as a Ford accessory on the “improved” Ford model T which are illustrated in the 1926-27 era Service Bulletins. These were triangular canvas panels with isinglass lights which snapped on the windshield post and the door top on open cars. Evidently someone copied this idea for the Model A phaeton in the above photo.

  6. I see that their “work-horse” V-8 Ford Coupe has a bumper hitch for a “Clamp-On ” Tow Bar and that the rear compartment is a trunk (low handle) , — for the “stowed “tow bar. I also see a universal bolt pattern plate extender to have a “spare wheel & tire for what you are towing Back to the lot or delivering to the Customer (or impound lot!) Edwin W.

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