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Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

Number One-hundred and two of the Kodachrome Image Series begins this week with a photograph of Yankee Stadium taken on September 19, 1959. It appears a baseball game had just finished and the fans were leaving  the New York City landmark located in the Bronx. In 2009 this facility was replaced by a newly constructed stadium one block away and the original was demolished and the site was turned into a public park named Heritage Field.

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via This Was Americar.

  • This is a new car photograph taken in Maryland of a young man and his Corvair coupe.

  • A roadside tourist trap packed with early-1960s automobiles and a few from the fifties.

  • And finally we end up at a filling station and tire shop run by Two Crooks Inc in the mid-1950s.


40 responses to “Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

  1. In photos of old ball parks the men are almost always dressed in suits. Looks like a 59 Fury convertible, a beat 53 Plymouth, an early 50s Desoto, 56 Caddy, a 55 Ford, a 58 Dodge and a 54 Pontiac, all soon to be out of the Bronx. I think that’s a 64 Corvair, I took my driving test in a silver Monza with a four speed. At that time your drivers license in RI was stamped automatic otherwise. The garage door was the same at our house, sort of a light weight translucent fiberglass. I’m guessing the Mohawk Trail in western MA. The Crook family or a warning on what to expect. Mercury and Ford wagons, both the top end models. The office building framed by an electrical tower is creative, I wonder how that happened?

    • I took my driver’s test in R.I. also.
      My father told me to use the state’s car for the test rather than his because he was afraid that the testing officer might condemn his ’51 Studebaker because of its almost bald tires and cracked windshield.
      The state’s car was a 1960 Ford with a manual transmission.

    • I was able to identify the following cars in the Yankee Stadium photo

      1954 Plymouth Cranbrook
      1959 Plymouth Fury
      1954 Pontiac Chieftain
      1950 DeSoto
      1954 Cadillac
      1955 Ford Fairlane
      1959 Dodge
      1956 Ford Country Squire
      1953 Chevrolet Bel Air

  2. The bottom photo features both a `54 and a `55 Mercury wagon. I like that `59 Plymouth Sport Fury cvt. leaving Yankee Stadium. I recall a neighbor having one in seafoam green when I was a kid!

  3. Great pictures again !!

    In the lead photograph, center left, is a green1950 DeSOTO.

    In the 2nd photograph is a 1962 CHEVROLET Corvair which looks like a 700 model.

    In the 3rd photograph, on the left, just past the white 1959 RAMBLER beach-wagon, is a light green 1961 CHEVROLET Bel Air Sport Coupé.

    In the 4th photograph hoping the Two Crooks refer to two shepherd’s hooked staffs.

  4. The filling station was in Parker Fl., run by Crook Steward and Crook Jr.
    Their motto: “For an honest deal see Crook”.

  5. Some big shot in the Caddy limo catching the ball game. Still is a popular pastime. Milwaukee still packs them in.( and the beer flows, they don’t call them Brewers for nothing) 2nd pic, looks like a new Corvair for graduation ( Gee, thanks folks) I think that’s a temp. tag on the front. Probably traded it as soon as he got to college. Moccasins, tomahawk and totem poles, a “Native-American” tourist trap. My folks had a ’63 Olds just like that on the end. Mountains and looks hot,( cars overheating) got to be out west, and last one, Crook was actually a pretty common name. I’ve heard it before. This station is in Panama City, Fla.

    • Oh, one more thing, got a chuckle on your unintended ( I’m sure) heading above the comments,,,,”Life on the A$$”. Describes my life on retirement perfectly. Have a safe holiday to all OM fans. Spring is here, HALLELUJAH!!!

  6. What I find interesting is the time on the front of the Stadium. People are leaving at ten in the morning? The Yanks played the Red Sox that afternoon with a start time of 2:35 PM and finished at 4:32 PM. Pumpsie Green started the line up for the Sox as did Bobbie Richardson did for the Yanks (this really has nothing to do with the mystery time but I wanted to work Pumpsie in somehow). Yanks beat the Sox 3-1. After further examination and closer scrutiny it is obvious the actual time is 5:00 PM. During the day all the bulbs could be seen with the lite one’s being brighter. Mystery solved!! Nice 1956 Country Squire Wagon in the parking lot. (This rant doesn’t have a lot to do with the photo—-I just wanted to say Pumpsie!)

    • Michael,

      The attendance at the game was 24,830. The Yankees win left them with a 75-73-1 record, 15.5 games out of first place, while the Red Sox loss left them with a 70-78 record and 20.5 games out of first place.

  7. Nice picture of Yankee Stadium, and nice cars too. Looks like the young man is not too happy with his new Covair. He probably wanted a new ‘vette, but dad didn’t want to fork over that much money. When I graduated, I wanted a new ’71 Charger. Dad gave me his ’62 Newport. Wish I had it today!

  8. The “Tourist Trap” photo looks exactly as I remember an area in the Smokey Mountains…Cherokee, NC I believe. My wife has a picture of her and a “real Chief” standing by a swinging bridge over one of the streams from when I took her over there in 75. “Chief” has on baby blue polyester pants, ha !

  9. I thought the mountain scene was in the Smokys too. Hot environment with two ice cream stands within such a short distance. I like the ’63 Olds, ’59 or so Rambler wagon (parents had a sedan), ’61 Impala coupe, Corvair maybe after that, ’64 Galaxie ,then (cha-Ching!) – ’64 Impala! Thanks for posting these. Another reason to look forward to Fridays!

  10. I think that’s a 1954 Fleetwood Sixty Special cruising by Yankee Stadium- the narrower hood center, chrome from belt to rocker at the leading edge of the rear fender, hash marks in front of the skirts ,etc. Love fifties Cadillacs!

  11. Love the 2 Crooks, Sr and Jr as well as the Mercss… ’53 and ’56…3 year body cycles, both Top of the Line Montereys, each the last of their respective body builds… wonder if being Crooks they got good deals on each “Woody”. Those 2 wagons also were , I think, the most expensive Mercury’s made…maybe as much as the cheapest Lincoln. ’57 became the first Colony Park.

    Idle comment on the foto before… How dated the early black Cadillac Fleetwood (maybe a ’53) looks parked amidst the sixties sedans all about . Sorta like a big,ole Rooster with his flock of Hens scratchin’, peckin’, busyn’ ’bout the Barnyard… “Ride (drive) on by!”.

  12. This website just keeps topping itself.
    The Tourist Trap photo reminds me of R. Crumb’s “Short History of America” 6 panel cartoon.

  13. Also in the 3rd photo,what make,model,year on the car in the lower right hand corner?
    That’s in one spacey-Colonel Bleep looking taillight!

  14. Love the people coming out of the game with suits on. The kids today don’t even know what a tie is. They might get a lawer and sue their parent for cruel and unusual punishment if they were told to wear one. I had a 61 Impala bubble top like in the third pic, I was the coolest in high school with that baby. Loved that car.

    • Not digital, it was analog with lots and lots of light bulbs that needed constant replacement. Depending on maintenance some signs became impossible to read at all or produced unintended messages. The maintenance at Yankee Stadium wasn’t always fastidious.
      I’m going to guess this was a spring time, Sunday game 1959. The boy on the right has something pinned to his coat, possibly from First Communion or Confirmation at church? If it were Memorial Day the Stadium would be dripping in bunting, the Yankees always honored the date.
      How about Sunday April 26, 1959. Orioles beat Yanks 5-4. Milt Pappas won it and Brooks Robinson singled in the top of the ninth to drive in Jim Finigan for the 5th and final run. Whitey Ford was brought in to relieve in the top of the 9th allowing a walk and two hits and recording no outs. Ryne Duren came in to really nail it down giving up 2 more hits and assuring that Ford got the loss.
      And so the not so jubilant faces of the departing fans. The Yankees finished 79-75 in third place behind the Go-Go Sox.

        • Haha! I missed the date and am completely wrong. Saturday September19, 1959 Yanks beat BoSox 3-1. Ford threw a complete game to win his 15th game against 10 losses. Bill Monbouquette lost to go 7-7. “Marvelous Marv” Throneberry hit a home run and also scored 2 runs on three hits. Bobby Richardson drove in 2 runs on one hit. Mickey Mantle had 2 hits, scored no runs and had no rbi. The great Ted Williams grounded into a double play pinch hitting for Monbouquette in the top of the 6th. The Yankees still finished 78-73 in 3rd place behind the Sox and Indians.
          I’m pretty sure this time.
          By the way at that time the Bronx was still a pretty nice place. Unfortunately forces for change were already underway and things really went bad quickly. By 1964 it was unstoppable, unfortunate, tragic and worst of all, unnecessary. The Bronx was dead.

  15. I don’t know where the tourist trap photo is, but it also reminds me of Chimney Rock, North Carolina, not far from Asheville. Of course there are hundreds of such places throughout the country.

  16. Years ago near Seattle there was a series of gas stations called Stinkers. The owner claimed all the other gas station owners called him a stinker for his low prices. He sold a lot of stinking gas though. So too might be the two “Crooks”.

  17. I am pretty sure that is Cherokee N.C. Before casinos. Tourist trap extraordinaire! You can see the totem pole on the right. I don’t think Cherokees used either totem poles or the big war bonnets like those the sidewalk Indian Chiefs always wore to lure cars full of kids into a stop over! Of course you could buy a kiddie version inside!

    • And you can see the big moccasin floating over the sidewalk. We bought many pairs of multicolor beaded moccasins there!

  18. It is very interesting to me how many Chrysler Corp autos are represented in the Yankee Stadium street scene. I didn’t think Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto ever were as popular as the Ford and GM family of autos.

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