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1950s Volkswagen “Woods Find” Liberated After Four Decades

Today’s young old car enthusiasts, both here in the US and the rest of the world have a much different view of what they find of interest and collect than do the older generations of old car enthusiasts. A number of them seek out fifties and sixties “Barn Finds” and then restore the mechanics and preserve the outward appearances of their treasures as found.

This is a very remarkable “Rip Van Winkle” like story recorded on a video found at the end of this post by  young Frenchman Florian George. He tells of the interesting of find this split windshield VW 36 h.p. “Transporter” that had rested over the period of four decades deep in the woods of France. With the help of his sponsors and four like-minded friends who worked with him day and night, the team was able to drive the treasure back out into the modern world.

Thanks go out to New York collector Mark Axen for leading us to this story.

  • As found covered with metal roofing panels deep in the woods.

  • Cobwebs and forty years of dust, dirt, and detritus found in the passengers compartment.

  • Nighttime installation of a rebuilt but never run 36 h.p. engine.

  • Mission accomplished on the second day before packing everything into the new found treasure and driving it out back into modern day civilization.

  • This video documentary is well worth your time to view this very unique story.

15 responses to “1950s Volkswagen “Woods Find” Liberated After Four Decades

  1. Saw this very well done video a few months back and absolutely loved it. Thanks for posting it David. What these guys do is great. Love the comradery. And then to drive it down from it deep sleep in the woods. So cool. Great music too.

  2. A great birthday present for me….as an old VW nut…I found a 914 Porsche in almost as bad condition and re did it

  3. Absolutely the best…really, they’re so young so fresh… the video is so well done , the music is spot on , such joy … they are my grand-children-who by the way, just loved it… as did their Father!!!

  4. Not only is the whole concept behind this great with finding an old hulk in the woods and in short order driving it out to civilization, but the production of the video and scenery are stunning. It’s good to see some young guys that appreciate the vehicles of the 50s and 60s.

  5. Great story! Put your mind to it and you can accomplish anything. I can’t help but wonder why it was left way out there in the boonies in the first place….

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