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1948: Hot Rod Roadsters Run on Washington State Dirt Track

Greg Brotherton, a Washington State roadster racer directed a very enjoyable and unique thirty-minute documentary film about an old time midget racer that we will share with you this upcoming Saturday.

Today’s feature contains a very interesting short 2:18 video, “No Race Track There” of Hot Rod Races that Brotherton attended in 1948 which were held in Sultan, Washington and filmed by cinematographer Gabriel Miller. Sultan is a small town that is located forty-miles northeast of Seattle, where the crude and short dirt track was carved out of a farmers field with a bulldozer. Spectators could view the races from a hillside just beyond the edge of the little “Bullring.”

Take a few minutes to view today’s short and fascinating video produced by Brotherton and found via The Roaring Roadsters. Check back in on Saturday to watch the documentary.


5 responses to “1948: Hot Rod Roadsters Run on Washington State Dirt Track

  1. This Sultan race track, I believe, became Sky Valley Racing Association near Sultan, where it ran for many years in a semi-pro race program. We watched many races there in later years. A horse race track at near by Monroe, Washington was turned into a 5/8 mile paved oval where there is still racing today. Note the total lack of safety at the Sultan track and spectators standing w/in a few feet of the cars.

  2. Very neat ! I hope to see more of these “things of the past” type movies. I only have a couple of my own, but they are drag races from the 60s and horrible quality (operator error ? ha ! ) Thanks to you both !

  3. Thanks for posting. My orientation to auto racing as a kid was roadster racing. Newspaper ads in eastern Nebraska called them “Hot Rod Races “. Still my all time favorite race cars.

  4. Great footage – I specially like the driver who wrapped a towel inside his goggles and helmet to protect himself against the dust and probably the rocks that were thrown up as well.

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