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Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

Number One-Hundred and Eight of the Kodachrome Image Series begins this week with a couple from Virginia posing with an early-1950s Cadillac convertible. Back in time being able to purchase one of these status symbols brand-new signified that you were very successful in life and had arrived. Tell us what you know about this particular example.

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via This Was Americar.

  • This Golden Slipper Restaurant photographed in the late-1950s apparently was located at popular tourist spot. Can anyone tell us more about it?

  • An early-1960s image filled with period cars, and people who apparently were attending some sort of a function at a hall up on the hill behind this parking lot.

  • This photograph appears to be a summertime lakeside publicity shot of some sort using a popular sporty two-door open car designed by Brooks Stevens as a prop.

31 responses to “Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

  1. 1st pic has GOT to be “Judge Watkins” ( and his lovely wife Hannah) with high pants, on his day off in front of the courthouse with his new 1950 Caddy. Plate appears to be from 1950. Life was good. 2nd, judging by the shiny ’58 Fords, ( and lack of rear spring sag) got to be ’58. Looks like mom got suckered into some tourist gift. 3rd pic, um, haven’t we seen this one before? I may be old and confused, but I remember commenting on the ’59 Pontiac,( Bonneville ?) and Mom, with hands on hips, “C’MON HARRY!” Some sort of “doins”, and the 2 1961 Falcon 2 doors parked next each other, rental cars maybe? And that ’55 (?) Hudson( with continental kit) is one of the last of a dying breed. Last one, look, you can be one of the “happy, beautiful people”. Big smiles, sipping cola through a straw, again, high pants, new Willy’s Jeepster, aviator sunglasses ( some sort of war pilot hero, I’m sure, that’s why HE’S driving) Again, life was ( and still is) good. The last picture reminds us, summer is here. Winter is history ( too bad it takes until June in the N.Woods), bugs are back, and get that classic whatever out. Have a decent weekend all.

    • Howard, you’re right. The 3rd pic appeared in Hemmings Daily several weeks ago. No -matter, and occasional crossover is still interesting>

  2. Great photographs !!

    In the 2nd photograph, parked under the “Golden Slipper” sign, looks like a 1955 CLIPPER.

    In the 3rd photograph, parked in the center of the back row, is a white over dark blue 1957 STUDEBAKER President. Also in the same picture are two 1955 dark blue over light blue HUDSON cars [ one center right and the other parked near the corner of the bard].

    • Agree. ’55 Clipper Custom. To the right a ’58 Ford, ’53 Merc, ’53 Chevy,
      ’55 Chevy, ’56 Plymouth, ’54 Olds

  3. The first early post war new cadillacs were in short supply and such a huge hit that people would form a partnership to buy one, and then drive it on alternate days. The style is a milestone in auto design to these old eyes, when auto beauty was at it’s height. With government dictated design parameters today we’ll never see such cars again.

  4. Great pictures- love the 50 Caddy. I’m always struck by the way you can sense the country’s mood by a parking lot’s color palette. Look outside your office for the last several years and black, silver, white, or any shade of gray. Look at the array of colors in these shots! Sure there’s the occasional red or yellow now an again, but nothing like this- bright and optimistic. Same for the styling- you know what every make is-

  5. 4th pic. My wife would say the girl in the front seat is not wearing matching shorts and blouse, but I’m not complaining. And the guy with his argyle planted on the filler cap must not know that’s how it becomes loose and floppy.

    • Don’t think Brooks Stevens would ‘ve thought the Buick “port holes” on the hood were an improvement, but obviously the young man w/ the “aviators” did! Tom Cruise’s Daddy or older brother, for sure.

    • Yes. Also noticed the black ’55 Caddy in between two ’58 Chevys, facing the old building. Wonder what the convertible in the lower right corner is. Has a FoMoCo windshield.

        • Find the Black ’54 Chrysler New Yorker… Did anyone else note the 2 ’56 blue and white Plymouths- one a 6 and the other an 8. Do you suppose it was a Sunday sermon at “Pidgen Hollow” in the Smokies? Was young Dolly Parton there? Love these “crowd scenes”, David

  6. The Golden Slipper was actually a rest haven for ants; you can clearly see this for yourself if you read the sign: “Rest-UR-Ants.”

  7. “Judge Watkins” better watch his imbibing, looks to be getting the scirrhous thing going on and the high waist just accentuates it. Nice drop top Caddy though.

  8. The first photo of the Cadillac looks to be either a ’53 or ’54.
    The second photo, right to left— ’54 Olds, ’55 Chevy, ’53 Chevy, ’54 Mercury, ’58 Ford, I think a Packard Clipper and another ’58 Ford.
    That Jeepster looks great!

    • Actually, 1950…1st year for the Cadillac’s new body , w/ minor styling tweaks ran thru ’53. GM’s Motorama that year previewed the ’54’s w/ Cadillac’s LeMans 2 seater Sports Car.

  9. The 58 Chevy to the left of the Cadillac looks like it has a different color quarter panel. Is that a odd reflection or weird paint?

  10. 1st picture, life was indeed very good for this classy couple
    2nd, the 54 black over red Olds is a looker, the red and white 53 Chevy ain’t too shabby either!
    3rd, Being a dyed in the wool Buick guy, that 59 hardtop floats my boat!! Looks like a midwest County fair grounds location.
    4th picture Looks like the the double date is off to a good start!

    • The tail fin suggests a ’58 Ford which had horizontal tail lights. It was redesigned in ’59 to accommodate the large round tail lights.

  11. The first picture is my favorite, however while the Cadillac is certainly beautiful, that blonde leaning on it is the real looker.. they don’t make girls or cars like that anymore… Let’s also note that she is wearing slacks, in the early 1950’s this was maybe not risque but very fashion-forward. Totally digging it. I would prefer the dude photo-shopped out of the picture.. haha

  12. A mid-40’s couple standing in front of their car. And just ANY car – a Cadillac. That’s how my parents’ generation measured ‘making it’: grew up on a farm, pre-WWII, Model T’s and Model A’s, working dawn til dusk, no real chance of breaking out of that mold. Then – WWII, the GI Bill, guys going to college and earning degrees that paid good money (and which the gov’t reaped their reward by those guys paying higher taxes), becoming affluent, creating the middle class. And how do you measure all that you’ve accomplished? By getting your picture taken in front of the status symbol of this 20th century – a Cadillac motor car. Can you imagine a couple standing in front of their Honda Accord or even a Cadillac Escalade nowadays? Different time to be sure.

  13. Ray Smith

    That beautiful Cadillac convertible is undoubtedly a 1950 model since it displays a 1950 Virginia tag.

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