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Happy Fourth of July 104 Years Ago from the “Gaurentee” Garage

104 years ago the boys at the “Gaurentee” Garage in Springville, Utah went all out preparing their Model “T Racer” for the local Fourth of July parade. Decorated for the festivities, the car was covered with crepe paper, flags, a Springville banner, and signs promoting the garage. The “race team” on board appears to be a grandfather with his grandson on his lap, and his son behind the wheel, the team mascot, a small dog, is under the car staying out of the hot sunlight.

Even though the “Racer” is covered up with Holiday decorations, it is identifiable by the unique early Model “T” Ford bronze planetary steering box mounted at the top of the steering column, and by the rear axle radius and brake rods. The Ford has been outfitted with aftermarket electric headlights apparently powered by the Ford flywheel magneto which replaced the original acetylene gas headlights; view an advertisement for KW magneto lamps below.

Tell us what you find of interest in this photo courtesy of the Brigham Young University Library.

  • Advertisement below for the KW accessory nine volt headlights powered by the Ford flywheel-mounted ignition magneto – The Automobile January 1, 1913. Lamps of this type would be added by Ford starting on the 1915 Model “T.”

5 responses to “Happy Fourth of July 104 Years Ago from the “Gaurentee” Garage

  1. What, didn’t people sweat back then? So, was grammar that poor? The backwards N and should it be “guarantee” garage? The head lights were a pricey item, almost $375 dollars today.

  2. Note that: This accessory has Forked headlamp supports (last used in Yr. Model 1914 (and very early 15) originally for acetylene-air) – (carbide tank ) gas lamps. The Only “chore” for the 1914 Yr. model Flywheel magneto was: to provide Ignition voltage for the four coil’s Primary circuits! All Ford “T” magnetos up to & including 1914 — had 16 single strap-wire -magnet coils –and were Not designed to include Electric Headlights! all of the gas lights were designed with 2 Brackets with “grub-screws on each “drum shaped” (air-vented) housing to match each of the drum-shaped gas- lamp’s forked support , which attached to the front fender support, (such as those shown in the ad) What the ad does not mention is: that : Yr. Model 1915 Ford magnetos were designed with Twice the number of Coils (paralleled at each of the 16 Magnet poles), to increase the magneto’s power — to accommodate the additional 1915 (and on) for the Series- wired (special Ford Only Design) headlamp bulbs . This also required a new Ford T design for accommodating the “16 magnet poles Stator casting” that were then: twice as high to accommodate the stacked coils. So: These K-W (conical housing) electric lamps (to fit gas- lamp (forked brackets ) very possibly would require an electrical up-grade to met the wattage requirement of Both: “T” ignition and series -wired electric lamps! Note: There is also a difference on the fender bracket to headlamp bracket junction: One is a “Vee” male & female anti- (Headlamp) rotation connection, — the other is a “Dee” anti-rotation connection! (They must match) These K-W electric lamps (with 2 gas brackets each will Only fit a matched (forked) bracket which will only fit One style of fender support — and will Only fit a 1915 & Up engine’s Magneto design. Note: the 1915 T Magneto’s Stator is inside the engine ! This accessory requires some serious fore-thought! Up-grading the (1915) T for electric lighting —was a monumental: electrical, mechanical & manufacturing task ( but worth it!) Edwin W.

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