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1952 Los Angeles International Automobile Show Publicity Photos

Recently we featured a 1952 Oldsmobile show chassis at the 1952 Los Angeles Auto Show. Today’s post contains three more pre-show publicity photos of displays by Hudson, DeSoto, and Packard accompanied by Hollywood models.

The lead photo shows a Hudson Hornet cutaway car with models Janet Brett and Shirley Buchanan posing for the photo. The Hornet display highlights the Automaker’s “step-down” design that includes a lower frame height than other of cars of the period and a passenger compartment which is located down in and between the frame rails. Hudson also showcased its new and powerful 210 h.p.”Twin-H” engine with dual carburetors in the show model.

Look back at the Oldsmobile Rocket V-8 show chassis and tell us what you find of interest in this set of photos courtesy of the USC Libraries.

  • Models Janet Brett and Shirley Buchanan with the 1952 Hudson Hornet cutaway car.

  • Carla Lauterer and a cutaway DeSoto “Firedome” 331 c.i. hemi-head V-8 that has been reported as being introduced to the public in Chrysler’s DeSoto display at the show.

  • Janet Brett and the new 1952 Packard 250 “Mayfair” convertible that was first launched at the show accompanied by a four-door sedan in this new mid-priced model line. Both rode on a 122-inch wheelbase chassis powered by a “Junior” model 327 c.i. L-head straight-eight with five main bearings.

12 responses to “1952 Los Angeles International Automobile Show Publicity Photos

  1. Looks like in the bottom pic, they are showing off Packard’s ( kind of new) Ultramatic transmission too.

  2. Cutaway just about everything – engines, transmissions, cars – seems to have been really popular back in 1952. That’s a goodly size oriental rug under the Packard.

  3. Desoto’s Hemi was 276 cu in (4.5 L) 160 hp (119 kW) ‎V8. It shared no parts with the Chrysler Hemi. Astounding.

  4. the second packard, behind the mayfair convertible, is not a “hardtop”; a hardtop had no center pillars. it appears to be a four door sedan.

  5. Thanks for these auto show pics. My family always went to Chicago’s version and the cut-a-ways were fun to study. After I retired, I went to work at at a shop that did cut-a-ways. It was everything from ac compressors, ps pumps,hydramatics,engines. The biggist cut=a=way we did was a 13,000 lb. axle from Caterpillar. That was a job !

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