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Harry Hartz-1920s AAA Racer

Harry Hartz was one of the most consistent front running drivers of the 1920s. He became the National AAA Champion in 1926.

This photo was taken in 1923 at the board track at Fresno CA, although he is in the dirt infield when the photo was taken. He won the race in one of the Durant Special Millers. Owner Cliff Durant was the son of tycoon Billy Durant, the man who founded General Motors. Durant built and lost  a fortune several times. In the 1920s he founded Durant Motors. He spoiled son Cliff, who also drove on the AAA circuit, although never with the results of the top line drivers.

Cliff ran though a fortune in his pursuit of Victory at Indy and the boards.

Harry is shown in the autographed photo in his 1924 Indianapolis entry. Hartz finished 4th in the 500.

Harry Hartz is shown in this marked up press photo in his Championship year of 1926.

Harry finished 2nd at Indy in 1926, his best result as a driver there. However, Hartz was the owner of the winning car in 1930 with Billy Arnold driving and again in 1932 with Fred Frame driving.

Hartz was seriously injured in 1927 and retired from competition.

Later on in life Harry was a top official of the AAA.

Another, better portrait of Harry behind the wheel of one of the beautiful Millers he was known to drive.

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