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A Big Six Cylinder Cole

The Cole was a quality assembled car that was made in Indianapolis, IN, between 1909 and 1925. This appears to be the “Sixty,” a large 132″ w.b. six-cylinder car. During 1913 the firm also produced 40 h.p. and 50h.p. fours. In 1914 Cole narrowed it down to the “Sixty” and one four, which was a smaller 30 h.p. car. In 1915 the automaker was among the first to come out with a production V-8. Photo courtesy of The Seal Cove Auto Museum.

2 responses to “A Big Six Cylinder Cole

  1. David, you hit a weak spot. Great pict. The steering wheel is on the left so it is a 1914 made in mid 1913. Cole sent 2 six cyl Coles out west in 1913. A whole Cole Bulletin was issued about that trip. Thanks for the pict & trust all is well.

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