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Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

Number One-Hundred and Fifteen of the Kodachrome Image Series begins this week with a photo taken in Brenham, Texas, in the early-sixties. The image appears to show men and women walking to a ball or Bridesmaids and Groomsman either walking to a church or away from it after a wedding. A number of vehicles can be seen in this view, with the second one parked at the curb on the left apparently being the newest one visible in this scene.     

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos below are via This Was Americar.

  • Expandable view of today’s lead image.

  • A view of downtown Rutland, Vermont, in the late-1950s.

  • A 1950s Pontiac parked at the Continental Divide.

  • A three car of demolition derby or circle track stock cars sponsored by DOXOL propane gas.


37 responses to “Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

  1. Really great photographs !!

    In the lead picture, parked on the left, is a 1954 BUICK.

    In the 2nd photograph, parked to the right of the RAMBLER Suburban station-wagon [maybe a ’59], is a four-door, white over gray, 1958 BUICK Century.

    In the 3rd picture is a 1954 PONTIAC Chieftain DeLuxe station-wagon.

  2. In the top photo, parked on the right a ways down the block are a `61 Dodge Pheonix sedan in front of a `57 Chrysler sedan, possibly a Saratoga but definitely not a New Yorker. In the second photo of Vermont, a `58 Buick Special next to a mandarin orange and white `56 Ford Fairlane hardtop.

  3. Looks like a “Latin American” theme at that wedding. Can’t be much fun walking in those heels ( what, can’t drop them off at the door?) The plate on the Buick is 1962. Looks like a ’61 Ford trying to park, or pulling out. Chevy truck looks pretty new, as well.
    2nd pic, that’s a 1959 Vermont plate on the Buick and Rambler. ’55 Dodge(?) panel across the street, and a CHECKER cab!! 3rd, a tired, loaded down Poncho, and last, tis’ no demo derby, this was stock car racing in the mid ’50’s, whasamatteryou? You bolted 3 carbs to the motor, changed the gearing, took out the headlights, grabbed a helmet, and we’re racing!! When done, the old man never knew,,,provided you didn’t crash too bad.

  4. That’s a 1953 Buick in the first photo. The group is well dressed, too old for the prom and the girls are not in matched gowns for bridesmaids. I just don’t know. Seems Rutland was big enough to have a Checker cab, but only one, is that a Dodge behind it?. That’s a 53 Chevy Bel Air hardtop in a demo derby, oh the humanity.

    • I think it’s a prom – the clothes make them look older than they are.

      As for the Checker, they were a bit more common in “market towns” like this than you might think, thanks to larger farm families.

      I’m also guessing dirt track stockers for the last pic, only because they look too carefully painted for demo derby.

  5. 1st picture – No clue what kind of an affair they’re headed for but seems unusual
    for the formal clothes in the middle of the day. The Buick up front is a ’53 not a ’54.
    Sharp-looking ’53 Chevy Bel Air 2-dr. on the right side. Ahead is the Chrysler, then the
    Dodge and a ’59 Ford as the last car visible. 2nd pic shows a ’54 Pontiac, might be a Star
    Chief sedan, across the street I see a ’55 Buick and farther up, ahead of the glass truck
    is a ’57 Olds. Being a transplanted Coloradan, love picture #3. Have not crossed that
    particular pass but have crossed other passes on the Continental Divide,
    Good eye AML, spotting the Buick converible behind the Pontiac wagon.
    No comments on picture #4. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Great Pictures!

  6. My guess is that it’s not a wedding, but a Prom. As Proms were always held in the spring, the men ALWAYS wore white dinner jackets. The people all appear to be about the same age, and the ladies dresses seem a little too flamboyant for a wedding, but ideal for a Prom.

  7. Love all the pics this week. Each one has so many details to study. Like the blue coupe pulling away in the center of the lead pic… such stylish lines.

    …and does anyone else think that might be George McFly on the right in the lead pic?

  8. Mike, I think you’re right about the prom. Everyone is paired with a date. But looks a little early in the day. May be the before-prom banquet.

  9. In the first photo the Chevy truck has the slanted windshield and not the wrap around windshield which would make it a 64 or newer. BTW the photo was taken on E. Alamo Street. The car on the far left to the left of the man in the white sport coat and woman with green dress is on Ross street.

    • The license plate visible on the Buick shows that the Chevy pickup is not from 1964 or newer. The wide spacing of the word “TEXAS” at the top of the plate followed by the two digit year was only used in 1960 to 1962. In 1961 Texas license plates had black lettering on a white background, so that leaves 1960 and 1962 as the only possibilities. The year 1960 is extremely unlikely as the license plate number UN*8022 is past the documented license plates issued that year. So, as noted by “Howard A” above, the license plate is from 1962.

      When looking at photos of 1959 – 1964 Chevrolet pickups online that are parked at a similar angle to the one in the photo, the wrap-around windshield is very difficult to see. The pickup was built 1960 – 1962. The white hub caps possibly narrow this truck down to ’60 and ’61.

      • I think you are right. I have a 64 Falcon Sprint convertible and it has YOM plates (Year Of Manu.) and the plate is black with white lettering and the year is located on the bottom of the plate. So it would have to be a 62 plate.

  10. Not to sure about that ’61 Ford. There is very little to go by and I can certainly see the resemblance to the Ford. However, I took it to be a 1960 Cadillac (check a good resource book) and the color, although accuracy on these old photos is questionable at best, looks like Inverness Green. I owned a ’60 Coupe de Ville in that color. It was a beautiful car!

  11. I believe that Wolf Creek Pass highway is the old one, which was a bit of a challenge. The new one is a piece of cake by comparison.
    The first photo needs to be turned over to the Fashion Police!

  12. Noticed the M.H. Fishman store sign. That 5&10 type store imitated Woolworth’s fairly successfully until bankruptcy in 1974, when they went out of business with 54 branch stores in New York, New Jersey, New England and the Midwest.

  13. To me, a former (respectful) Checker Service Employee at Checker California Sales , (A Checker Kalamazoo Factory Branch, —) in: Alhambra, California, — Although “Cabs were our: “Bread & Butter”, the Checker: Marathon Sedan, —the Checker: “Medicar” For “specialty physical challenges” transport , and Three different Wheelbase/Length sizes of the Checker: “Aerobus” (for hotels, airports & “group” transport”), — are indicators of the variety of different-than- cabs products if this unique company . For many years, remained: The Continental Red Seal 6 cylinder flathead (with phenomenally high mileage capability!!!) Then , the Factory chose to offer the Whole Chevrolet Drive-Line combinations of 6 & 8 cylinder engines of all sizes , with std. & auto. trans options and very durable differentials. This allowed for: “Special Ordering” of “economy”— to: “Rat motors” (with matching drivelines!) Now: combine this with: Southern California “Performance Options ” (Readily available to us) — (selected by certain Customers, — and you would have: A (Typical )very heavy Checker that would: accelerate , “corner”, and also stop(!!!) in a most impressive manner!!! A real “Sleeper”!!! They didn’t “Sound” like “Checkers”, —either! Never judge a book by its cover! (especially if it came out of our shop!) Ex ample: One popular band was transported by a Checker Aerobus . It was powered by: a Full Performance Driveline and and the ability to also Stop very efficiently . Edwin W. (The C.E.O. our Company was a former W.W. -2 USN “P -T” Boat Captain. (“Slow” was Not an Option! )

  14. The three similarly painted race cars look more like a train stock car team. Cars were chained together, then raced on a figure 8 track. Not a type of racing for those of us who appreciate traditional auto racing.

  15. According to Michael Ryerson on FLICKR, Feb. 14, 2015, the photo was taken at he Spring Festival in Brenham TX, May 1962.

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