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Old Car City: Forty Four-Hundred Cars on Thirty Four Acres

Dean Lewis’s father and mother built and opened a small store and gasoline station in rural White, Georgia in 1931. To help out with a little extra income during the Great Depression his dad began to buy older cars and established an automotive junkyard on the property.

Lewis was born at the junkyard, and later on took over the wrecking yard and purchased thousands of cars to add to the stock. Time moved on, and several years ago he transformed the yard into an attraction open for public viewing where the vintage cars and trucks now serve as aesthetic objects along with the folk art he creates.

In an excellent video by Kimo Easterwood below, you can view hundreds of cars and trucks and interviews of Lewis, his grandson, and helpers Rockey and Eddie. Learn more about Old Car City here.

11 responses to “Old Car City: Forty Four-Hundred Cars on Thirty Four Acres

  1. Like many, I’ve always loved trolling through old junkyards. Peering into the interior of some old relic, wondering what kind of life it had decades back. You never know what’s around the corner, either; a favorite Studebaker or an old Chrysler like you remember your Dad having when you were little.

  2. I bet Frank and Mike got the hammer down to check this place out. Could use a translator ( southern drawl to English) Always had a problem with that ( northern boy, you know) Aside from some good ones, ( that the public won’t get to see) about all this place is good for, tours and memories. 4,000 cars, wow, probably can see this from space.

  3. To all those that would want to buy a car from this place,
    A local junkyard near me was going out of business and was planning on scrapping everything.
    There was a collection of many desirable cars that the owner was saving to sell when he retired. When offered for sale, none of them was worth buying to restore.

    Over the years they sunk into the ground and people walked over them to get to another car.

    I went and looked for something of value that could be restored but there was nothing worth spending $50 on. They all were scrapped

  4. And at night after everyone has left the old Pontiac Chief hood ornament talks to the old DeSoto hood ornament who flirts with the Hudson naked lady ornament…

  5. A number of years ago before a move to another town, my good friend Irv and I used to take a day about once a month and tour the wrecking yards always a good day or relaxation and discussion. Up until about 3 years ago I used to take an annual walk through one of the local yards and make a mental inventory of old stuff parked there.

  6. I have lived a few miles from this place 20 years, at one time you could buy these great cars on lay-away plan. that was years ago and i did not buy ,i think of that every time i pass there…….

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