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Sunset Boulevard Series: Parking at St. Vincent Hospital in Los Angeles

This installment in the Sunset Boulevard Series takes us to St. Vincent Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Built in 1884 at the intersection of Sunset and North Beaudry Avenue it was in operation for ninety years until 1974 when a new Hospital was constructed at 2131 West Third Street, in Los Angeles. This structure was demolished after the move to the new building.

The lead image and the two enlargeable views of the Hospital dated 1937 show a number of automobiles parked on Sunset Boulevard and the cross street on the left-hand side of the Health Center. The earliest car in the scene located just to the left of center in the photo above is a mid-to-late-twenties Dodge touring car with disc wheels. Tells us what you find of interest in the photograph courtesy of the USC Libraries.

11 responses to “Sunset Boulevard Series: Parking at St. Vincent Hospital in Los Angeles

  1. In the 2nd expanded photograph, parked on the left, 3rd car back, is a 1937 BUICK

    Also in the same picture, parked in the foreground on the right, is a light-colored 1936 PONTIAC Coupé.

  2. First photo left: 1937 Plymouth; 1931 Model A Ford coupe; 1937 Buick coupe.
    Across the street a 1934(?) or ’33 Ford roadster which might be an early hotrod with chopped windshield and top.

  3. In the first photo the cabriolet appears to be a model 65 Rockne. Note lack of fender skirts, lack of suicide doors, split rear bumper which eliminates Ford and Essex and Plymouth. The phaeton with the disc wheels is a 4 cylinder Dodge circa 1925.

  4. I’m struck by the ordinariness of the cars. Compare this with the earlier shots of Sunset Boulevard traffic, which included a smattering of Packards and Caddys.

  5. 2nd photo – is the car behind the Pontiac a ’34 Plymouth ? At first I thought it was a ’33 Terraplane but now I’m not sure.

  6. But what is the car in the far right background of the first picture? Demountable wooden wheels were available on some 1929 Hudsons, but this appears to be something else.

    • Peter, I lean towards it being a 1932 Buick based on the parking lights mounted on the front fenders, the dual horns, flat single bar bumper, vent doors in the side of the hood, 12 spoke wheels and no sun visor over the slanted windshield. Not positive but it just might be.

  7. 3rd & Beaudry and “Sunset Blvd ” are kind of: Different: The beginning of Sunset Blvd. In the “Old” China-town, Olvera Street , Union Station area and a few miles away from “3rd & Beaudry —- has very little resemblance to any of the “Romance” of early (or now) Holllywood , West Los Angeles , Sunset Strip , Beverly Hills, — or the Ocean. All that (some of it ) used to share — was a Streetcar Track! Many cities share this street name, a very long Boulevard. As to the hospital: Note the hilly area: A: “Front wheels IN (Downhill)” Front wheels OUT (Uphill ) territory — when “curb parking”. Not really steep, — but enough to allow a “runaway”!!! ( something that the streets above Sunset Blvd. in West Los Angeles & “Sunset Strip” area, (and beyond) — had, still has — a real problem with !!! Edwin W.

  8. In 1933, my mother was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital, 2131 Ocean View, Los Angeles, CA . So, did Third street use to be Ocean View?

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