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Parking Lot Series: Four Postwar Indianapolis Parking Facilites

Today we have a treasure-trove of both Pre and Post-World War II vehicles for our readers who enjoy parking lot scenes and looking for something unusual in the mix. The facilities are near the intersection of North Meridian Street and North Illinois Street, partially visible on the far-left of the lead image that is dated 1947.

The Monarch Buick agency was headquartered nearby at 1040 North Meridian Street and was using the fenced in lot at the front center of the lead image for storing cars, some of which may have been parked there by employees.

On the other side of the street in the left-rear of the photo is a gasoline station and parking lot that appears to be a combined operation. On the far-right of the scene is a lot apparently used by a construction company, and behind it is a Motorola radio facility that sold units “For Home & Car.”

Tell us what you find of interest in this photo courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society.

12 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Four Postwar Indianapolis Parking Facilites

  1. Interesting Monarch Buick parking lot in the lead photograph; nearest the street is a two-tone 1942 BUICK, hopefully a Limited, but most likely a Roadmaster. In the same row are three 1946 BUICK cars [one a convertible], and the other three are either 1947 or ’48 BUICK vehicles.

    • In the lead photograph and the close-up in the 3rd picture, parked on the street, is the same 1940 PACKARD 120 Touring Sedan.

  2. It’s interesting that all you see in the picture is gone EXCEPT the large tan brick building in the background. Check out 1025 N Capitol Avenue in Indianapolis to see that it’s still here and in good shape. It’s the old Stutz car factory originally built in 1914 and expanded twice. It’s called the Stutz Business Center.

  3. 1937 (or 1938 Standard) Ford Tudor Slantback, far left in the last photo. Also had thoughts of what would be the oldest one. To the right of the Motorola sign I found it, maybe a Ford Model A Tudor?

  4. That 1940? Chevrolet Coupe in the RH lot across the street looks like it tried to squeeze into a tight spot unsucessfully at some time in the past. Big round fenders don’t fit too well in narrow square parking spaces!!!

  5. What is behind the 2 door sedan setting in the street? Is it an enclosed trailer with advertising or some type of delivery vehicle? I look forward to this website and all the reader comments every weekend. Thank you.

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