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Bob Burman’s Cutting

A nice action photo, that was given to us by a good friend which shows Burman in his Cutting at an unknown track. The photo is an advertising piece for the Cooke Lens Co. He entered this car, which was sponsored by the Clark-Carter Auto Co. in the 1912 Indianapolis 500. Burman went out in a crash on the 157th lap with an average speed which would have placed him in the top five if he was able to finish. Photo The Old Motor

3 responses to “Bob Burman’s Cutting

  1. The location looks like the Fort Wayne Driving Park 1 mile dirt oval in Indiana. Burman attempted a record and won all three races over 3 miles for the Remy Brassard Trophy in July 1912.

  2. I understand that my Grandmother and Bob Burman were cousins.
    Where is the museum that one of his race cars is on display?


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