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Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

Number One-Hundred and Twenty-Four of the Kodachrome Image Series begins this week with a colorful photo of a couple posing with a metallic blue mid-1960s Corvette coupe. She has a platinum blond beehive hairdo and is wearing a purple two-piece outfit with a corsage, white gloves, handbag, hat, and shoes. He is decked out in a suit with pencil legs and a tie. Behind the Corvette is another Chevrolet.

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via This Was Americar.

  • Circa 1964 parking lot view of Disneyland in Anaheim, California with the Monorail in the background.

  • This appears to be a favorite Pennsylvania riverside boat launch location complete with a steam tour boat.

  • Somerville, New Jersey late-1950s Cadillac Ambulance in a Fireman’s parade – who did the conversion?

58 responses to “Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

  1. 1966 Corvette, the higher he hair, the closer to God. Why are they not smiling? Disneyland had a far off magic that I could never attain in the late 50s, across the country and parents of that time would not plan a vacation to such a spot. 1958 Cadillac’s at the boat ramp and parade. I like the matching convertible top, but why are all the boat trailers yellow?

    • The Cadillac convertible is a ‘57. What a pretty car! Can’t see much of the green car to its left, but enough to think the Caddy may be sandwiched between two ‘57 Plymouths. The two tone red and white one on the right is a Savoy sedan with Sportone trim.

    • They looked like they were either ready to go to church or got back from church. But you would think that they would be taking a more sensible car to go to church in.

    • Were ’66 Corvettes available with T-Tops? That might have provided a solution. Otherwise, just recline the seat! Oh wait, did they even?

      • No T-tops until the C3 in 1968. Some GM cars had an optional reclining passenger seat beginning with the 1966 “strato” buckets but I don’t think Corvette was included.

  2. Wonder if the babe in the first shot can remove the hairpiece before climbing into the post-’63 Vette, or the ’59 convertible. Wouldn’t fit in first, and would lift right off in the second.

    4th pic is Somerville, not Sumerville.

    Love this series!

  3. Great pictures !!

    In the 2nd photograph, in the center foreground of the picture, is a white over gray, TWO-DOOR, 1956 PONTIAC 860 Station Wagon.

    In the same photograph, on the far right foreground, parked next to the blue early ’60s FORD Thunderbird, is a two-tone 1956 STUDEBAKER President Classic Sedan.

  4. In the top photo, that is SOME beehive the Mrs. has! (I thought it was Marge Simpson!) Nice `65 Vette behind the couple, but I’d rather have the `59 El Camino on the other side of it.
    In the second photo, while far too many cars to list them all, one stood out to me in the second row on the right; a blue `60 Mercury Colony Park hardtop wagon!
    In the third photo, the next row of cars over that are facing us I spot a red `55 Mercury Montclair hardtop, that might be a Sun Valley. I enlarged the image but can’t confirm it has the plexiglas roof for sure.; it looks like it does.

      • The ’59 had a split in the chrome trim on the upper front door that would have lead back to the “pie slice” taillights. This wagon doesn’t appear to have that. I think it’s a ’60 instead.

  5. 1st pic, since I’m not too good at guessing the occasion,( obviously) that hairdo was pretty popular in the mid 60’s. We have pictures of my mom with a hairdo like that. Looking at that guy’s attire, he’d be the last guy I’d think would pull up in a new ‘Vette. ( with a gal like that!)
    2nd pic, just about every car made in the early 60’s here, almost void of any foreign cars. The only one I see, is a white Volvo 122 next to the blue Chevy wagon.
    3rd pic, that Travelall is pretty rare. It’s a ’56 or ’57 S series. With the ’58 Ford next to it, and as nice as the IH looks, I’d say ’57.
    Last pic, amazing how far we’ve come in ambulances. From strictly transport to the hospital ( bet THAT was long ride for someone in pain) to the rolling hospital’s of today.

    I like to thank David for “jumping back on the bandwagon” after an incredible loss this week. As hard as it is to imagine at the time,,,life does go on. “L’chaim”. ( to life)

    • Thanks Howard,Thousands of people have stopped by his shop all week long. A celebration of his life is being held tomorrow and I think a thousand or more people, many on motorcycles, and others in old cars who will follow a procession from his shop in town to a beautiful field his uncle has out in the county.

    • Addl furrin cars in pic 2: the front end of a Beetle intrudes at the right, there’s another at the very back below Magic Mountain and somewhat to the right of that, just below the left wing of the town hall, is what? Maybe a light blue or gray Fiat? In the first complete row at the left, three cars past the all-red SW is a small yellow/cream convert, possibly an MGA.

  6. I think the hairstyle was influenced by A-Bomb tests.
    Unfortunately, I remember those suits that look like they shrunk in the dryer.

  7. As a car guy I know it’s mostly about the car world, but that hair do on the lady and his brightly colored pegged pants takes me back to my school years. Remember a student nurse who chose to report one morning in a bee hive ‘do with nurses cap perched high on top. She didn’t make it past the door. Told to go back to the dorm and return looking more professional.

  8. It’s likely that the couple posed in front of the Vette lived either next door or across the street. The woman is obviously not pleased that her husband suggested a photograph be taken with their neighbor’s car. Her beehive hairdo would not easily fit into the Vette and the man’s expression is the result of the arguments he’s been subjected to for insisting on the photo.

  9. This sounds like ‘believe it or not’, but in 1963 when my high school was letting out in the afternoon, a girl in a beehive hairdo was attacked by a swarm of bees. They were in her hair and she was using a stick to dislodge them. A female teacher used hair spray to drive them away. It was pretty scary.

  10. In the Disneyland photo……About in the middle…..just above the VW bus….What’s the rounded , grey car? Porsche 356?? Doesn’t look quite right.

  11. Wouldn’t it be fun to be transported in a time machine back to wander that Disney parking lot for a afternoon? For some reason I don’t have that feeling when in their parking lots today.

  12. The Cadillac convertible at the boat launch is a ’57 not a ’58.
    Still at the boat launch, the trailers are all yellow because that
    is the only brand the dealer sold. (As good a guess as any).
    I noticed that there is only one Pickup Camper in the Disney lot.

    Condolences to David on the loss of his dear friend.

  13. In the Disneyland shot — far right, bottom corner, almost looks like a blue Avanti. I don’t think it is, but I can’t tell *what* it is. It looks much more modern than the rest of the cars. Could be a third-generation T-Bird, but I don’t quite think it’s that either.

      • The Thunderbird is a 61 or 62. The 63 had different wheel covers and a hockey-stick crease beginning at the front wheel opening and finishing mid-door.

        The 61 Thunderbird had two “bumps” in the hood on either side of the air scoop. They were removed for 62, but I can’t make out that level of detail in the photo.

  14. David, condolences on the loss of your friend. Thank you again for all you do..

    My impression of the Disneyland photo is how clean the cars are. Look at how “white” the whitewalls are. Must have been the equivalent of getting dressed up to go to Disneyland.

    How unlike today.

  15. Re;” Photo #1: Stanley Statekov has hit the nail(s) on the head(s)! That is (possibly) a staged photo “across the street ” — at the neighbors house —Or: The couple was returning from a “fancy clothes” church service and saw the Corvette — handed him a “fiver” and their camera —to photograph them — In front of “their”: “Dream Car” The Clue : The “Beehive Hairdo” — which would in No way fit under the roof the Corvette. Re; Photo #2 : (Disneyland Anaheim) A : “Grade “A” —Grey Day, (typical of the L.A. Basin Spring – time high fogs) One vehicle stands out; The “Standard ” VW Microbus”, — a few rows back, center, with no: “Deluxe Model Upper Window-ettes or Sunroof or Flip-out front windows, – (like a Model A or AA Ford !) A perfect Transporter for a whole (BSA) Cub Scout Den & their Den Mother . Edwin W.

  16. Re; Photo #3: perhaps the “Best – Ever” Post WW-2 “Sport-Utility Practical Vehicle : The International Harvester “Carry-All” Aerodynamic enough – while being “boxy” enough to Git ‘er done!!!! Not a “whimp” or a “poser” vehicle! True to the quality of the I-H concept of: “Work-horse” standards! Re; Photo #4, (Red Ambulance: My ” (W. A.) Guess is : That it might be a very Custom “Combination ” of : Extended frame —to accommodate” both ends” of the GMC vehicle lines, ( Cad. & Chev. . Due to the very professional “marrying ” —-it! might be: From the Henney Body Company ( A known (Re)- Manufacturer of Hearse & Ambulance bodies. Note the outside: Add-on stretcher – carrier bulge. Edwin W.

  17. Is there even one person in pic 4 looking at the ambulance? Other than possibly the woman at left holding the baby, I don’t see any.

  18. This is a Sayers & Scovill Professional High Body Ambulance, and the body style was available until at least 1969. Superior had a similar model called the Beau Monde, but it did not have the “pods” along the sides near the top of the roof line with the round light.

    It’s possible this ambulance still exists. See the link below (replace the two instances of the word “dot” with a period). The primary differences seems to be the incorrect hubcaps, curtains missing, and the trim above the “V” at the front of the hood.

    www dot flickr dot com/photos/smartmudassir/7184231581/lightbox/

  19. The Steamboat in the third picture is the Delta Queen that was an overnight steamboat cruising the inland rivers till a few years ago when congress refused to grant it another exemption from a 1966 law because of the wood in the boat. It is now being restored again and hopefully be back on the river stopping at towns like the one in the picture if the current congress and President agrees to the exemption . I spend a summer working on it a porter which in college in 1980 when President Jimmy Carter spent a week on the boat.

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