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Stanley Lynde: A Tribute to a Great Man and a Restorer Who Always Helped Others

Updates I & II – This is the first time I have done a tribute like this on The Old Motor, but one of my best friends for the last forty years, Stanley Lynde (63), passed away Monday 9, 2017 during the evening. It was two weeks after he and his wife Laura D’Angelo Lynde where hit and injured by a driver of a pickup truck who made a left turn directly into their lane before he even had the time to react. They were traveling south on a motorcycle on Vermont State Route 5 here in southeastern part of the state. Stanley was air-flighted to the Albany New York Medical Center, and Laura, who has survived, was treated and released from the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire.

Here in the Brattleboro, Vermont area, Stanley and Laura have been longtime supporters of the local community and would give the shirts off of their backs to help out anyone in need. He was one of the best mechanics, and trouble shooters around, and also a skilled machinist, welder, fabricator, and a collector and restorer of vintage motorcycles and other vehicles who would all ways help others with their projects. I consider myself fortunate to have had him work with me at The Old Motor on projects in the shop for a while when he was transitioning from working for other shops and beginning to start his own business, Lynde Motorsports some twenty-five years ago.

One of the reasons I am publishing this is to ask our readers to contribute and help out his wife Laura D’Angelo Lynde who is recovering from injuries sustained in the crash, and his family with expenses in their time of need. Stanley’s daughter Kelli Lynde Worden has established a Stanley and Laura Lynde gofundme campaign to help out with expenses incurred since this tragedy happened and to help Laura recover and get back on her feet. At the time of this writing the fund has received over 90% of its goal, but I am asking my old car friends and readers to take a few moments to help out with a contribution in their time of need.

Update II: Take a few moments to view both Stanley and Laura in the video below and their shop.

Update I: Quotes in the news online and on Facebook about Stanley tell just how special he was:

The Brattleboro Reformer: “A beautiful soul: Lynde succumbs to injuries, dies Monday morning”

Kelli Lynde Worden Stanley’s daughter online and in the area newspapers: “My Dad has always lived his life to the fullest. His love and laughter were his greatest gifts. He had an ability to teach others and make each and every person he met feel like the only person in the room. We are all better people because we knew and loved my Dad.”

The Republican – Mass Live Northampton, MA: It’s a 45-mile ride from Northampton to Brattleboro, but local motorcyclists say visiting with Stanley Lynde — a mechanic, metalworker and shop proprietor who specialized in vintage steel — always made it worth the trip.

“Lynde Motorsports is where you would go and hang out if you were riding in Vermont,” said Steve Sanderson of Northampton. “Stanley was one of the finest human beings I’ve ever known.”

RIDE-CT & RIDE: NewEngland’s Arlo Mudgett described Lynde as a “wicked nice guy” and “knowledgeable professional,” and termed Lynde Motorsports as being “as much a cultural center as it is a repair facility.”

Keene Sentinel (NH) Liora Engel-Smith: BRATTLEBORO — “When news about Stanley Lynde’s motorcycle crash last month spread in the Brattleboro area and beyond, his family and friends prepared for his homecoming. Someone repaired his chimney. Others delivered wood and heating oil to his home in Putney and his motorcycle shop in Brattleboro. A close friend even excavated at his home so an access ramp could be installed for when he returned.”

The lead photo shows Stanley and Laura at a local show in May of 2017 with a friends Model “A” Ford.

  • Stanley with his daugher Kelli Lynde Worden on the left, his wife Laura D’Angelo Lynde on his right and his sister in law Christine Lynde on the far-right at a recent family function.


31 responses to “Stanley Lynde: A Tribute to a Great Man and a Restorer Who Always Helped Others

  1. Sorry to hear this. I had a great aunt, Aunt Charlotte ( who lived to be 88 after in her 60’s, doctors told her she had 6 months to live) and at her husbands funeral, she said something to me, that was quite profound. She said, “we can’t focus on the end, we have to focus on the persons life and they touched our lives, not their death”,,and she was right. I’m sure you feel fortunate for the years you spent together, and who knows why some go before others, they just do, no matter how they leave us. I’ve ridden a motorcycle for over 50 years, and still do, but I never once take it for granted.( even disconnected the stereo because it was distracting) People just don’t see you, amplified by distracted driving, a motorcycle operator has to anticipate what another driver is going to do. Kind of like driving an 80K pound truck. A momentary lapse in that can have disastrous results. I can only wish the family the my condolences during this crummy time.

  2. Very sorry to read this, but what a fine tribute you wrote.
    Howard A. ‘s aunt spoke very true words. This makes me think the next time
    I see good friends, I need to tell them how much they mean to me and others lives they touch.
    We should all do this.

    • Well said, Walt. Many times we take friends and relatives for granted. Then we realize how much they really meant to us when they are gone. Embrace them now as Howard also suggests.
      Very sorry for your loss.

  3. I’ll just add my sincere condolences to the others already posted- very sorry for your loss. Friends are family, hard to come by, harder to lose.

  4. I am sorry for the loss of this man from our fraternity of motorcycle enthusiasts. RIP Stanley; you made a difference and will be sorely missed. Daniel Statnekov

  5. David, thank you so much for much for getting this out to an even broader community of like-minded folks.
    I will… take you up on your offer. Hello, Adrienne. See you both on Sat.
    Viva La Stanley

    • Thanks Gene and all of you that have responded, I’m doing OK considering the loss and wanted to get the news out to anyone who wanted to help out and those in the tri-state region that stop by here regularly.

  6. One question, David: Was Stanley wearing a helmet? I rode for 25 years on just about every form of motorcycle there is. I would never have dreamed of not wearing head protection, and never cared one bit about having “the wind blowing through my hair.” What really gets me is when a man’s wife or child riding with him is wearing a helmet but he isn’t.

    • Both of them were wearing helmets. He died because of the massive injuries received in the crash. Laura suffered five broken ribs and broken wrist which needed an operation.

      The driver of the truck was arrested at the scene for negligent driving, and the county prosecutor is looking at the case and may press charges.

      • Thanks, David. I live in Pennsylvania where they dropped the helmet law – much to my consternation. While riding you need all the help you can get. It’s usually not the motorcyclist’s fault. My condolences and thanks for a great site.

  7. Sounds like a loss for us all. Never had the honor, but certainly wish I had.

    God give you strength, Laura.

    Herb Kephart

  8. Perhaps the County “Prosecutor” could Press harder! Being a Motorcyclist since 1953, and a Model A & AA Ford Restoration Mechanic for myself, My friends and our Local CCC Museum, I offer My condolences to his Wife, Family, their Friends & Community! Edwin W. (His was/is: a life: well – lived!!!)

  9. Stanley was certainly a rare gem I had the pleasure of meeting him and Laura after hearing all these great stories from my husband Stephen. He would come down and work in Stanley’s shop to help him when he was swamped. To my surprise Stanley and Laura were just like he described and more.
    I met him for the first time 2 weeks before his accident but the time we spent with him and Laura was priceless. It felt like I’d known him a lifetime. I say the time was priceless not due to losing him but I just hated to leave they are such genuine people.
    We came to pick up a bike Stanley got for Stephen to ride it back to AZ but Stanley knew I rode too and talked me into getting my own bike to ride back and he was right…lol I love my bike and was glad I got it. Stephen’s bike had a couple of issues taking the ride back and Stanley was there to on the phone for support. We were so heart broken when we heard that they were in an accident we both just could not stop crying. I just feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to stay with him and Laura get his famous pancakes and his contagious smile and laughter. He will truly be miss Love you Stanley

  10. Stanley was a one of a kind
    The gift of his friendship and his time here passing on his knowledge, to anyone in need of it. Always willing to help.
    We can all better our lives if we begin to live by Stanley’s example.
    His family are in all my prayers.
    May the memories live on ❤️

  11. We not only lost a treasure trove of knowledge but a kind, compassionate man with a heart of gold. We are all better people for having known Stanley. RIP Mister…………. ride free.

  12. Didn’t know Stanley and don’t live in the Northeast but came across this and am truly touched. Reading the comments here I’m saddened. This was evidently a very fine fellow and it sounds like a really good man. There area way to few of them around now-a-days. My condolences and prayers to all of his friends and family.

  13. I will miss Uncle Stan as I called him. I can’t say enough good about Stanley. He will be sorely missed.

    He told me if I touched the carb on Old Sweet Lips again I can’t bring her back. No I have to wait and see him later.

    I truly love Stanley. I firmly belive I will nevr know anyone like him again. Ride Krusry forever Bro.


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