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Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

Number One-Hundred and Twenty-Six of the Kodachrome Image Series begins this week with a colorful photo of a two-tone yellow and white Nash economy car dating from either the 1950s or the early ’60s. The woman with the automobile has a handbag from Bermuda, was this a rental car on the island?

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via This Was Americar.

  • This might be a roll out of a new Corvette with older models following, if so where was the photo taken?

  • 1950s cars parked in a subdivision behind junior and his new bicycle, dad appears to be bored.

  • You talking to me?


42 responses to “Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

  1. That bicycle is nice and shiny. The trees are bare and the pavement is wet. I wonder if this was made at Christmas in one of the southern states where it’s more likely to rain on Christmas than snow?

  2. Bermuda is are the Bahamas,my punt is Florida.These little cars were just a bit too early to become a cult item like the Mini .They are show stealers here in the UK.

  3. The Nash Metropolitan has side marker lamps and hood pins which would make the photo at least the late 60’s. The woman looks tanned and well rested. It’s 1963 somewhere, hard to imagine a parade for a new model car today. Dad might be looking at his cell phone if the cars were newer, 56 Chevrolet, 56 Ford and a 58 Pontiac. 1954 Chevrolet wagon, who’s a happy camper, stove tossed to the side and a bucket to wash in. Something is hung on the mirror, a favorite place to dry swimsuits, maybe a towel?

  4. Great photographs again !!

    In the lead picture is a 1960 or ’61 AMC METROPOLITAN convertible.

    In the 2nd picture, parked under the “MIDWAY LIQUOR” sign, is a 1959 BUICK.

    In the 3rd picture, parked across the street, is a two-door 1958 PONTIAC Chieftain Sedan.

  5. Hi David! Thanks again!

    My guess is the Metropolitan (Austin Metropolitan?) is RHD, but it doesn’t appear to be so in the photograph. My clues are: 1) side marker lights. They wouldn’t be required in the US until 1968 and the last Metropolitans were sold in the US in 1962. 2) the big give-away is the “Bermuda” bag. Why would that bag be in the photo if it were anyplace other than Bermuda? My guess is it’s a rental car.

    I agree that it’s a warm Christmas Day. The bike is very shiny and new. The suburb is pretty new as well.

    And, it doesn’t look that this is the first time the ladies have gone camping.

    Again, David, thanks for Kodachrome Fridays.

  6. Perhaps the Corvette parade is in or near Buffalo (or adjacent) Tonawanda, New York. The 1959 Buick at the curb appears to be wearing Canadian trim emblems and could have come from across the nearby border for the day. And nearby Tonawanda was where General Motors manufactured the engines used in Corvettes and where Chevrolet had a large footprint.

      • Oops. You are correct. I imagined a badging difference that never existed. Perhaps the goofiest part of this is that my dad bought a new Shalimar Blue ’59 LeSabre that was the family car around the time I learned to drive. A long time ago, was that.

    • A Google search returned Spruce Pine, NC, as the possible location for Peoples Furniture Co, founded in 1936. The buildings on the left side foreground of the photo look similar to the block today.

  7. Great pictures, as always! I think the car on the very left of the Corvette parade is a Ford 1959. And at first sight, I thought that the bicycle boy’s dad was messing with his iPhone … but of course not. =)

  8. Rentals are not allowed in Bermuda. Mopeds yes, and starting last week, electric four-wheel Renault Twizy’s from one hotel, with a second FBO awaiting approval. The only charging stations are located at the two hotels.

  9. The bicycle picture could very well be Christmas. Looks as if there might be some snow behind the ’56 chevy. The expression of the lady in the camping picture makes me think she has tried to light the coleman stove for the third time and she just dares a bear to show up.

  10. I’d have to say, the 1st pic probably in Florida after the Bermuda trip. She got a handbag and probably a nasty sunburn ( why she’s wearing a shirt, saw that many times) The Corvettes, probably just a gathering participating in a parade. The young boys sure look impressed, including the young sailors. He’s saying to his buddy, “when my time is up with the Navy, I’m buying one of those”.
    Dad was a great guy, but he wasn’t too handy with tools. He’s inspecting that gouge he got from the screwdriver. Can’t I.D. the bike, J.C. Higgins maybe? Special hand grips, streamers, rack on front,,pretty classy. That’s salt on the ’56 Chev, so clearly a Christmas gift. Last pic, woman with hands on hips, never a good sign. Rear view mirrors make great clotheslines. Caption: This isn’t going well at all, let’s go home.

  11. Time frame and style of houses in third pic makes me thing of Northern New Jersey in the late 50’s. Definitely looks like mid-winter.

    • At least the one on the left has mixed brick and board and batten siding while the other has monochrome brick and lap siding. For $9,000 you don’t get Frank Lloyd Wright. 🙂

    • Hi Park, John Mellencamp made a fortune off that with his song, Ain’t that America, “little pink houses, for you and me”.

  12. VET photo i dont believe the SRs r wearing a front plate so guessing all new.

    Is that a confederate flag on the antenna of that first coupe?

  13. The man in the picture with the kid on a bike is looking down at his Smartphone.. I’m kidding, of course, but it just looks that way.

    • I’m thinking Dad is a time traveler, transported back to the ’50s, in order to buy American stocks, such as IBM and
      US Steel

  14. The only thing that is probably still around and being used is the Coleman Two-burner, IMHO. Mine has lasted forever with little maintenance, still boiling water and frying bacon at a good pace!

  15. Wagon foto with the ladies, comment… ’53 Buick Estate Wagons were the last wood trimmed wagons made; by ’54 the pictured 210 ChevyTownsman, its’ brethren and the rest of the General’s wagons, as well as the Mopars and FoMoCo’s wagons were all steel models , anytime you saw “wood” it was either 3M or molded poly. No more trees needed or “harvested”. The industry was all “green”, at least in that application.

  16. The lady in the Metro could easily be in Florida, a beautiful winter day could be 70 degrees which, believe me , if you’ve lived in Florida a long time can be chilly, but more than that, if she were driving the car she would more than likely put on a shirt rather than drive around in her swimsuit, it wasn’t like todayfifty odd years ago, ya it looks like it may have fallen off the jack at some point,
    I think that blowing the picture up, the white behind the ‘56 Chevy is building material packaging, shingles? It doesn’t look cold enough for that much snow to just be in one place.

  17. The last photo of the Chevrolet wagon (’53? ’54?) is the very same as my paternal grandfather’s “work” car in the 60’s. Same color, everything. Neat to see it; takes me waaaaay back. Thanks.

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