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Wendell Wilkie and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Dakotas

Wendell Willkie and incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt ran against each other in the 1940 general election for the office of the President. Roosevelt won after receiving fifty-five percent of the vote and also garnering the electoral college poll by a handsome margin. The lead image above, contains one of Willkie’s campaign’s clever signs in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and a mix of everyday cars produced between the late-1920s to the late-1930s.

In the scene below near Bismarck, North Dakota, Roosevelt was touring through the area in and around Bismarck, North Dakota, viewing damage encountered while the region was suffering from a severe drought circa-1936.

Tell us what you find of interest in the way automobiles and in particular the convertible that Roosevelt was riding in. The photos are via the St. Francis Social Club.

10 responses to “Wendell Wilkie and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Dakotas

  1. L-R: 1934 Plymouth; 1933 Chevrolet; 1928 Buick; 1938 Ford. 2nd photo: 1936 Chrysler C7, a rare car. FDR always rode in stylish open cars.

  2. Just guessing. Top picture left to right: 34 plymouth; 34 chevrolet; 30 Chrysler; 40 Ford.
    FDR’s convertable a 1936 Chrysler with fender skirts. In 1937 I saw FDR ride up our main street in a similar car.

    • The park didn’t actually become Theodore Roosevelt National Park until 1978. In 1935 it was designated as the “Roosevelt Recreation Demonstration Area”, then in 1946 it became the “Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge” and in 1947 it was named “Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park”. 29,920 acres of the “Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness” was used to establish the park.

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