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Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

Number One-Hundred and Thirty of the Kodachrome Image Series begins this week with a colorful photo of new Chevrolet Corvettes after delivery to a dealer. Eight of them are visible in the image and only one is equipped with a hardtop. The rest of the cars have the soft tops covered to protect them from dirt, and oil drops when on the bottom level of a transport truck.

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via This Was Americar.

  • Mid-1950s view of a parking lot at a scenic overlook filled with late-1940s to mid-1950s cars.

  • Step right up and and get a super deal at Manny’s Motor Mart.

  • Identifying the location of  Devereaux Chevrolet is the key to finding out where this new car show was held.

49 responses to “Four Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Car Images

  1. I would check to see if I still had all my fingers after shaking hands with Manny. That said, I could be talked into buying the Lincoln in a heartbeat. I’m sure the financing would be easy through Motor Mart. Low payments on a 10 year note.

    • I am reminded of the old Cheech and Chong routine where the dealer had the best used cars with the best prices – only $50 down $50 a week for 50 years! They must have known about Manny.

      The Corvettes look like 1962 models judging by the grills. And look at the whitewalls! Blasphemy ! Hardtops were hard to come by. My Dad had a 1956 Corvette that had the hardtop. He bought a second one, just in case, that never left the the attic of the garage until it was sold in 1972.

      I am puzzled by the blue car in the right corner of the Auto Show photo. Can’t seem to place it.

      As for the other cars, on a personal note, I have always thought the 1958 Chevy Impala was the ugliest car on the planet. Nothing about it is appealing. The 1958 Chevy truck, on the other hand, is the truck I would love to have in my collection.

  2. In the 2nd photo, that’s Newfound Gap at the top of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. US 441 right on the border between TN and NC. One of my favorite vacation destinations.

    • It appears that it was quite warm this day as I see a few hoods open letting their engines cool before heading up the mountain.

  3. I notice that there are two 58 chevys, one for $199 and one for $196.

    I wonder what accessories the cheaper one doesn’t have

  4. Great pictures !!!

    In the 2nd photograph, driving toward the camera in the lane on the left, is a white over blue circa 1953 WILLYS Aero Ace.

    In the 3rd photograph, 2nd car from the right, is a plain white 1957 BUICK Special.

  5. I’ve seen the top image in the past and always marvel at it. Fresh, still-in-the-wrapper `61 Corvettes for the picking! (If you look at the gas station across the street, you’ll notice interesting placement of the light pole at the curb, vs. the Brand of station that is!)

    In the second photo, too many cars to list, but I spot a gorgeous grey `54 Olds 98 sedan on the right, as well as a nice baby blue `53 Lincoln Capri hardtop. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that `58 new car show! I’d love to have the gold-ish `58 Mercury Park Lane in the foreground; a model nearly extinct today!

    • Why would Devereaux Chevrolet have a new Mercury in the showroom? That would almost be blasphemy in those days.
      Do you think everyone knew you could get a battery for $5.95 at Manny’s? Installed free!

        • I’ve seen that picture before. It’s of an auto show, not a dealer’s showroom. Hence, the Mercury, the Chevrolet, the Plymouth and the Vauxhall. The Vauxhall would have been sold by a Pontiac dealer.

  6. In the second photo of Manny’s, is that rust under the headlights of the Oldsmobile? I remembered them going quickly, but not that quickly.

    Of course, the snow on the ground probably means salted roads. And the apparent demand for batteries probably means a cold climate.

  7. In the Corvette pic, I can only imagine the guy with the glasses is checking the cars in, obviously, right off the truck, no wheel covers. What’s the name of the gas station?
    The road side stop, clearly in the hills, somewhere, always had a hood or 2 open. I’d have to say this was in the Smokies, as there’s a black family, and quite honestly, in all our travels as a kid, I never saw any blacks at any attractions. And by the looks of the guy in the coveralls leaning on the ’55 Chevy, he is checking that out.
    Manny seems to have a thing for ’58 Chevy’s. Under $200 bucks too. The Lincoln was his “personal car”. ( is that $599?) Got to be mid 60’s. My old man always bought used batteries at places like Manny’s.
    I believe, the small car in the car show is a 1958 Vauxhall Victor Super.

  8. It’s a 1958 car show in Tube City when it was still all good! Devereaux Chevrolet was in McKeesport Pennsylvania in 1958.

    Photo #4: 1958 Mckeesport (Pennsylvania) Auto Show- Photographer Bill Schwartz- additional KODACHROME pictures ot this show popsted online by the photographer’s son Robert Schwartz. Online search: McKeesport Auto Show: Suddenly It’s 1958 By Robert Swartz

    • Yep, that’s one of my dad’s photos. My mom’s family ran Standard Auto Company, the Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in McKeesport from 1933-67. My great grandfather started selling Fords in 1917, and his daughter and son-in-law started selling C-P in 1933. Dropped the Ford franchise in ’38. My dad, Bill Swartz, was the Asst. Manager from ’56 to ’59 while he was getting his 2nd degree.

  9. The Corvettes are 1961’s. The first year of the updated rear body style, and the last year for the cove brightwork on the sides which allowed for the 2 tone paint if so ordered.

  10. The biggest change for the Corvette was to come the following year (1962) , when the engine went from the 283 CI to the 327 CI V/8.

  11. From the pic I found by Googling the name, looks like Devereaux Chevrolet was/is in Freeport, PA, just up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh.

    • As per above reply, Devereaux Cheverolet was in McKeesport Pa, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Where you could always “Get a Chevy at Devey’s”, my hometown.

  12. Yep. Devereaux Chevrolet was in Freeport, PA (my home town). I believe that they’re still in business in the same location as “Devy Auto Park” but I don’t think that they sell new cars anymore. The (1958?)
    photo must have been taken at an auto show since Devereaux never sold Chrysler products.

  13. Those 1958 Chevrolets are interesting. I can’t imagine them being sold for $196 and $199 at any year. The blue car on the right is a six cylinder and the two models on the left are 283 c.i. V8s.

    • Could the numbers on the ’58 Chevys be stock #s? I notice there are two cars between 196 & 198. You probably had to go inside and tell Manny which car and number you were interested in and when you walked in the door he had you. Actual price of the car could vary with the amount of interest that was shown.

  14. In the second photo, there are so many cars that I would get cramps in my hands trying to name all of them. However the GM 4104 bus did catch my eye. I think it was one of the best looking buses that GM ever built. In the third picture I do like the 58 Lincoln. I don’t think it is a Continental, I do not see the gold Continental script on the fender.

  15. Though I am not completely positive, the 1961 Corvettes look like they are located at Porter Chevrolet at 275 Fresh Pond Parkway in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Porter Chevrolet sold the most Corvettes in the greater Boston area and always had a large number of new Corvettes on hand. I believe at some point in the 90’s they became Cambridge Chevrolet. They are now Cambridge Honda who is still in business at the same location.

  16. The price on the ’58 chevys is probably the down payment. Ant then the same amount monthly until you enter assisted living. I knew a guy who had a couple of car lots like Manny’s and he told me there was a good living in that business because the buyer(s) would usually default in payments and he would repo them and sell them again. And somethimes again.

  17. “HELL” gasoline station? ? (Look at the picture– if you think I’m mistaken !) — (looks like “hell” to me !) . Did the Photo -taker — do that “on purpose”? — Perhaps not, but it reminds me of a (Continental length) “Grayhound “Sceni-Cruiser “Bus trip — in 1956, —that went UP through the Raton Pass, (Colorado Mountains) in the middle of a nighttime Thunder , “Wall of water “- Rain , Hail, — and really frequent close- up Lightning strikes!!! The front RHS, (dual axled ) inner tire went flat — with a lot of shaking , quickly ! — which added to the fun , as many were praying for a “better circumstance”!!! Off in the distance — a Shell Service Station appeared — “as if on cue”!!! the “S” was burned out —on the “HELL” gas station sign: A 6′ 6″ tall – 350 pound Mechanic came out and changed the tire , (the Spare being hidden — by the front bumper’s “tire compartment” : Everything was done Manually, — with : Star wrench, large Tire irons, a 10lb. “Split-rim Maul” Hammer —and as it happened , — the Mechanic from HELL’s Station , Colorado — sold “us” an (available! ) new, Quality Truck/ Bus Tire, so: At 1: 00 A.M. , — all of sudden — “HELL” looked like Heaven, to everyone on the Bus . The Driver said: I can’t believe that just happened , I never expected to “go through “Hell ” to have something nice, like that —go so smoothly and quickly, too”! All aboard!

  18. Based on another image of Manny’s Motor Mart, I believe the business was in Detroit. The photo was taken circa 1964 because the 1957 Buick has a 1964 Arizona license plate.

    The yellow characters on the Michigan license plate of the Lincoln are strange as the color should actually be green. The lettering at the top and the bottom of the plate are the correct color.

  19. The Corvette on the end is a 1961 model. It was the last year of the bars in the contrasting color cove and the grill was chrome and it was the first year of the stingray back end, but still was only powered by various versions of the infamous 283. I had one and know the car well. If only I had it today.

  20. I think Manny was playing tricks on folks in order to get walk-ins. The batterys (sic) are name brand, but discounted $5.95, not sold for that amount and the numbers on the cars would draw interest even though they are to ID each car (as mentioned above), no the price. But yeah, pretty fugly IMHO, never could take a liking to ’58 Chevies or even that Lincoln.

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