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Ten Carhops No Waiting: Andy’s Drive-In Sacramento, California

Today we travel to Andy’s Drive-In located in Sacramento, California, at 2995 Freeport Boulevard. The promotional photo was taken in 1941, and was evidently staged as all of the carhop’s are carrying glasses of water, and some of the cars with only a driver have trays on the right-hand side.

It was probably just a coincidence unless Sacramento was a General Motors town that many of the cars other than the 1940 Ford convertible appear to be built by GM. Apparently, the newest car in the image is a well-optioned 1941 Cadillac sedanette on the right with two carhops next to it. The building has not survived, but a McDonalds, another fast food restaurant is located on the site today.

Tell us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of the Sacramento Public Library.

17 responses to “Ten Carhops No Waiting: Andy’s Drive-In Sacramento, California

  1. Great picture…a moment in time well captured! The ’41 Cadillac is sweet, but there are two other 1941 GM cars in the picture…the Oldsmobile Coupe just out from the Fried Chicken sign, and the ’41 Buick parked just ahead of it. The ’40 Ford convertible was a cool car in any company from the very first, as the one shown here nicely illustrates.

    • 1939 was the 1st year Buick had factory rear turn signals. That ’41 Buick could be almost any model. The only way to tell that it might be a Century could be the stainless strips on the lower body area. Beyond that I would be all ears if the were any other way to tell what model it really is from that picture.

  2. Wow, mr. Acks, nice catch on the plates. Wonder if that’s dad in the Caddy and Junior with the ’40 convertible, complete with white walls and what appears to be teardrop skirts. I would expect maybe dual exhausts, but don’t see them.

  3. The coupe left of the ’41 Oldsmobile with dirt on the tires seems to be the only vehicle has been on the road and not cleaned for the staged photo.

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