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Merry Nash Christmas from The Old Motor

We would like to which all the readers of The Old Motor from around the world a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This image via contributor Benjamin Ames shows a highly decorated scene with a bathtub Nash station wagon and a home possibly in California or Florida.

Here at headquarters of The Old Motor in Vermont, the second snow storm of the season has just fallen yesterday and overnight so we will have a traditional white Christmas. Tell us what you may be doing with your old cars during the Holiday season or plans for next year?

39 responses to “Merry Nash Christmas from The Old Motor

  1. Merry Christmas to you as well.

    I’ll be heading up to Bennington when The Great Race comes through next summer — I try to catch them whenever I can. See you there?

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for all the great pictures over the past year and wishing a Merry Christmas and good health in the New Year.

    Please pass on to Benjamin Ames thanks for the great photograph of the circa 1951 NASH Rambler Custom station-wagon.


  3. I have to say, that aside from being one of my favorite sites, and all of the great pictures and information provided by its host, the readers here are not only knowledgeable but also the most considerate. David, I don’t know if you have to edit much in the way of reader comments, but it occurs to me that there isn’t any of the courseness that seems to be present on a lot of automotive blogs. (Or TV, news media, etc., etc.,) You run a class act. Merry Christmas to all and thanks for everyone that has taken the time to share their expertise here.

  4. Merry Christmas David and all! Not sure if you remember the ’14 Jackson I had started on way back when. It was put away years ago when the kids went off to college. Since then a lot has happened, including building a new and smaller house. I had to thin out the projects a bit, but I kept the Jackson and want to get back to it this coming year. Best to all!

  5. Reminds me of the story my Dad told about the time he accidentaly knocked over two guys in Harlem from the Xmas tree he was toting out the back of a car around 1960.

  6. Plan on taking my 1915 Model 43 Oldsmobile to the 62nd annual Holiday Motor Excursion on the 30th. This is a huge meet-up featuring pre-32 cars but a lot of people bring their later vintage vehicles for a great parking lot display. It takes a huge parking lot for the beginning of this event hosted by the So Cal Region of the Horseless Carriage Club of America. Now all I have to do is get over the flu before the 30th. I will be disappointed if I am not well enough to attend this event.

    • Bob,
      I noticed a particularly well restored 1915 Model 43 Oldsmobile at the Holiday Motor Excursion. You must have healed. I’d guess I saw 300 cars of all descriptions. 83 degrees is marvelous tour temperature for Dec. 30. It was 86
      degrees the day earlier. I own a 1923 Model 43 Olds Super Sport. This was a cosmetic up-grade offered in the 4 and V8.
      It had a 4 pass. body with disk wheels, cycle fenders and aluminum step plates instead of running boards. It also had wind wings, a spotlight, and a cowl vent. Model 43 saved Olds and was one of its most popular models. I believe mine
      is the last left and was sold in Santee, Cal.

    • I personally saw Mr. HRicewasser’s 1915 Oldsmobile at the Holiday Motor Excursion event on 12/30/17 Santa Anita Park. Wow! What a brass era marvel. Tilt steering column (everything old is new again). Big car with a great stature and innovative design, totally contrary to the little curved dash Olds of prior years. It is a commanding presence on the road.

      All Old Motor enthusiasts must make this annual event #1 on their bucket lists. It is hosted by the So Cal Horseless Carriage Club. Google them and see their cars and events. Oh yes, Jay Leno made his appearance in a grand 1930ish Duesenberg SJ roadster. Magnificent in every detail of course (driven in from his Burbank garage, not trailered).

  7. Hi David, from the other side of the world. 7am Christmas Day and we are expecting a breezy but fine, warm day today with temperatures up to 30 C (about 86F). Fine weather and a couple of weeks break means continuing with projects – there is always something to fix. Now that I have two sons working in the old car business they have their own projects as well – some of them mine and some their own. The driving will come later in the new year.

  8. To echo the others, this is a wonderful site and I look forward to seeing it every day (except Sundays, although I often check in to see any new comments). Thanks to you, David and I wish all of you a very Happy Holiday season, and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

  9. Merry Christmas from snow free Virginia! Give Stanley a bit of tuna fish today… All my cats get that for Christmas. Thank you for a great site, always something interesting to look at and muse over.

  10. A very happy holiday season to all! 2017 brought me some fabulous 50’s Kodachromes here, leaving me anxious for every Friday’s offerings here!! I would like to thank the entire staff here for all the ‘visual’ joy you provide us readers each day, and I look forward to seeing more in 2018! God Bless you guys–readers and staffers–for the fun and friendship I find here. You guys are the greatest!!

    –Will Fox, Omaha NE. (AKA Autobug2)

      • David, The Old Motor is a welcome treasure that finds its way on to my computer each week. I can’t express how much pleasure I derive from reading it and occasionally contribute to it. I wish you and all the good people who also enjoy this site and healthy and Happy New Year!!!

  11. We’re having great convertible weather here in Bradenton Florida, come on down for the new year and join the crowd ….. ( and I do mean CROWD !!!! )

  12. as we are lavishing in 30 degree C weather encouraging open top motoring we wish compliments of the season to all our North American friends. it certainly is a change from your weather as I am at the moment cruising in my 1976 Jaguar XJS V12 convertible and looking at your sub-zero temperatures

    thank you for another year of wonderful images on the Old Motor site. We look forward to another year of the same in 2018.

    with best regards
    Bernard Snoodyk
    Myrtleford Victoria, Australia

  13. As the bustle of thus year closes, I, as every reader, thank Dave and all contributors for this much-looked-forward-to site. Geez, with so, so much rotten news, The Old Motor is something we all enjoy every week, and every day. The incredible amount of time, effort, and affection that is demonstrated here is greatly needed, appreciated. Like others I suppose, I duck most social media, and I think chrome will always be much better than plastic. Grateful to be a part of this fantastic group. God bless us, every one, as Tiny Tim would have said of this illustrious fold.

  14. Thank you, David, for ‘The Old Motor’. It is a gift beyond measure for us antique motor heads. Even in July, we have this to look forward to. Happy New Year to everyone.

  15. In ’51 , Mom & Dad came home with a new ’51 Nash Rambler Station Wagon. Economical and it also had the Nash Bedroom Fold down seats , great for sleeping bags on camping trips! The Rambler provided many years of service and wore out two engines, including Canada , Alaska & Mexico trips for Mom & Dad. A very reliable vehicle for 11 years of extensive service. Edwin W.

  16. Hi David,
    It is always a joy to visit your Old Motor Site!
    I can’t resist commenting on the vision presented by the quaint yellow Christmas light decorated house rear view with all its delightfull surface mounted plumbing (water, electric and even a magnificent Smokey Stover black vent pipe for the new bathroom!). The owner or local craftsman surely loved to do his pipework. The window glass is so clear, we can see right through it and perhaps see the folks standing there. The very shiny dolled up little Rambler wagon sure looks sharp for its Holiday duties. It obviously got plenty of TLC. Thanks for the trips down memory lane.

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