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Atlanta Hi-Octane Gasoline Station’s Ford Give-Aways

In the sixties, a series of Hi-Octane gasoline stations in the Atlanta, Georgia area sold 99 and 92 octane fuel and used Ford car give away promotions as a way of building traffic at a number of its locations in and around the City. Hi-Octane also cashed paychecks only for customers and because of it probably filled up a lot of gas tanks on Fridays for its patron’s weekend activities. The last photo in this post gives a view of one of the Hi-Octane filling stations displaying a give away 1960 Ford Starliner.

The automobiles that the chain of stations gave away were supplied by East Point Ford that was located in the Atlanta suburb East Point at 2139 Main Street. This Ford dealership also used similar promotions which may indicate that the stations were possibly owned by the car and truck seller and were profit-makers that also helped to sell more cars.

Tell us what you find of interest in these photographs courtesy of the Georgia State University Library.

19 responses to “Atlanta Hi-Octane Gasoline Station’s Ford Give-Aways

  1. Right now the temperature is 6 degrees and I have 1/4 tank of fuel. I miss the days of full service gas stations like the one in the photo.

  2. I remember car give-aways like this when I was a kid. Somewhere here in Omaha I recall a `64 Ford Falcon base-model white coupe (probably with a 6) at a Standard station. That `60 Starliner would’ve been a WONDERFUL car to win! Especially if it had the tri-power 360 horse-352 V8.

  3. The license plate looks to be a 1960 Fulton County plate for a vehicle weighing between 3,501 and 4,000 pounds, based on the black-on-white color, the plate starting with a 1, and the second character being a J (it could be a 1961 black-on-yellow, but I think the 1960 is more likely). From 1957-1970, Georgia used a county code at the start of their plates, with the counties being numbered by population; since East Point is in Fulton County, it makes sense that the car would have a Fulton County plate. The second character was a D or E for vehicles under 3,000 pounds, no letter for 3,001-3,500 pounds, J for 3,501-4,000 pounds, and A for anything heavier.

  4. Oh oh, washing a plastic convertible widow with a paper towel was a nono in my day. You not only scratched the plastic, you could also push it in damaging the zipper. Or is this a glass window?

    • No, those rear windows were plastic. Also never try to scrape snow and ice off these windows in single digit temperatures. I learned that the hard way on my ‘65 Mustang convertible. The whole thing shattered.

  5. Ah the days of cleaning the windshields especially when a nice looking girl happen to drive in. And remember to check the oil sometimes all for a dollar’s worth of gas (four gallons in those days). How about S&H Green Stamps with each fill up?
    Those were the days of the “Service Station”. We spent many hours scrubbing the islands to keep them sparkling clean. You don’t see that today at the local mini mart.

  6. I see they carried all the major brands of oil, including, behind the guy cleaning the back window, what appears to be “re-refined” oil in the glass containers. I remember, if you were too cheap to buy the brand name .59 cent oil, you could get re-refined oil, 5 quarts for a buck.

  7. That 1960 starliner is nice , but I think the1961 starliner 401 is one of the nicest fords ever. It was also one of the fist muscle cars.

    • I totally agree. When I first saw the new ’60s, they nearly blew me away. When I was in the Army in 1960, one of my buddies bought a new ’60 Ford. To me, it was and still is one of the nicest looking cars ever.

  8. Could someone explain how the promo worked?Here in the UK we got Tiger tails and drinking glasses,not Zodiacs and Anglias be fair I still have some of the glasses..they seem to have a charmed life.

  9. By 1956, Ford was offering a higher output option: “Thunderbird” 4-barrel engine & twin exhaust”, which made their “Fordor” sedan capable of passing safely, with a full load of folks, (and full trunk) in the car. As far as the “Starliner” is concerned, I probably would have opted for the Jeep, out front! The “Give-aways” are not . Everyone is paying for that at the pump! (There is no free lunch!) It’s like: “Free cash at time of purchase”! (Gimmick!)

  10. What the heck are the guys doing milling around that M38 military jeep? Were they part of the attraction to get people to pull in and enter or register for the new ’60 Ford “opportunity” drawing? Just wondered why no one mentioned this little tid-bit…..

    Judging by the greasy T-shirts on the jeep “mechanics”, they have been underneath trying to fix something on it. Also, they are staring at a folding map they probably just got at the station to fnd shortest route to take to get somewhere. Were they all riding in it? One fellow seems to be knowledgeable local telling them about the details on the map for best route.

    What a miserable cheapo gas station. No real services garage and very limited capabilities compared to the top name real service stations (with canopies over their islands) of the era. This could be a pretty rural area of course and just a quick cheap gas fill up location.

    Finally getting our 1st real rain storm of the season out here in So. Cal. Been very dry so far (since June 2016). Stay warm guys!


  11. Oops, sorry for the typo. That should have read “June 2017”. We had lots of rain prior that in early 2017, but Nada since.

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