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Beverly Hills, California: Maddux Inc. Lincoln Service Car

One of an automotive sales and service organizations key calling cards is its service and tow truck. Located in the exclusive and toney Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, at 9230 Wilshire Blvd., Maddux Inc. a Lincoln sales and service agency used this fine-looking modified Lincoln as its tow and service car.

This conversion may have been carried out in Maddux’s body and paint shop, or it was contracted out to a high-quality truck body building firm in the area. The padded top with an extended front visor was likely constructed by one of the local shops that had built examples of the “California Top,” a fashionable accessory in the early-to-mid 1920s. Visible at the rear of the truck bed is a tow pole with a round eye, and below it on the rear step is a towing dolly with steel wheels used for transporting a car with a disabled axle.

Note the convertible sedan, possibly a 1931 “K” or later “KB” with a custom close-coupled coachbuilt body just behind the service truck in this circa-1931 image. On the right-hand side of the bottom photo in the post appears to be a Model “K” or “KB” club sedan. The balance of the photos evidently contain Model “L” Lincolns (1917 t0 ’30) in for service work.

Tell us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of the Huntington Library.

12 responses to “Beverly Hills, California: Maddux Inc. Lincoln Service Car

  1. I would love to have a tow truck conversation in my collection, they were in every service station when I was a kid, always made from large automobiles.. I can think of Buick’s, Packard,and Lincoln in our town.

  2. What a great picture! How neat, clean and open the service department is. I can only imagine what the showroom looks like.

  3. My Grandfather converted a Pierce Arrow town car into a wrecker. He sold the aluminum body for more then he paid for the entire vehicle. He operated the Blue Ribbon Garage in Putnam, CT. The building is still there but repurposed.

  4. I’m torn on the light-colored K-series in the background. I don’t see the bells for the horn under the headlights that I’d expect on a ’31, but I also don’t see the fender parking lights that should be on a ’32. There’s also not enough detail visible to tell whether the hood has vertical louvers (’31) or square vent doors (’32). Regardless of whether it’s a K, KA, or KB, it’s a beautiful car.

  5. I want to spend a lazy day(s) in that Sevice area in an easy chair with unlimited good Columbian Coffee at hand and just watch the activity ! ( Leaving at days end driving one of these Lincolns would not hurt either ) !

  6. The Overhead Crane “Loop” is ideal for ” R & R” of the Whole front section of the Driveline, or (at least) the whole Lincoln V-8 or V-12 engine, either of which are not a light-weight!!! Different drive lines from different cars also had to be accommodated —for the repair of a used car, before re-sale , If required. Note that: The hoist track goes to another area for “heavy duty” driveline repair, nearby the “regular service” bay, to better isolate it from Customers, who might only see it: “Going out dirty and returning as clean”. I see no evidence of “grease pits” in this Fancy- “Schmantzy” area indicating that tune – ups and other minor work were the only thing performed there ! I would say that: The (necessary) grease & oil change & brake adjusting pits & lifts were in another room away from Customer’s view, — to “protect the image of the Lincoln” to the Customers ! This can also be seen as: “The same method, today, at: Mercedes- Benz of Beverly Hills, Calif. , with their: Tiled floor “Shop” and “drainage scuppers” in view of the Customer’s Service Lounge!!! Funny: in 1970, Many 600 Series (Top of the Line) M- B Limousine Customers of So. California — preferred our (former) 1922 Studebaker Agency in remote: Alhambra, California! All in one rickety wooden shop with one lift , lots of jack-stands for All Authorized M- B service — by the Best Mechanics! For the Best Customers!!! Edwin W. (Factory Authorized M- B Mechanic & Asst. Shop Foreman ) We were owned by the Checker Cab Company, Kalamazoo, MI.

  7. All of the Lincolns in these photos are pre-1931. Maddux was a great Lincoln dealership. He also operated Maddux Airlines, which used Ford Tri-Motor airplanes.

  8. Not the same Service car but the same style for sure ! Minute 4 of the 1934 Serial “Burn ‘Em Up Barnes #1: King of the Dirt Track” on Youtube….. Had to go look , because I remembered there was a service car in it …. fun to watch just the same !

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