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San Antonio Light: Jalopy Derby and Queenie the Police Mascot

Today’s feature images were taken for entertainment pieces and published in the “San Antonio Light” newspaper (1881 to 1992). The lead image contains an early Model “A” Ford roadster which was driven by Duke Borden in a Jalopy Derby road race held in January of 1941. Borden and his Ford are shown airborne after cresting a hill at speed on the track located in a gravel pit near the Seguin Highway on the eastern side of  San Antonio, Texas.

We like dogs, and vintage photos of them at The Old Motor and in the expandable image below are Officer JR Spence and “Queenie” the San Antonio Police Department mascot. The picture was taken in September of 1936 of the driver’s compartment in a wood-framed police truck van body. Hopefully a reader can identify the maker of the chassis based on the appearance of the controls.

Share with us what you find of interest in the photographs courtesy of the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

9 responses to “San Antonio Light: Jalopy Derby and Queenie the Police Mascot

  1. For the life of me, I don’t know how they survived stuff like this without seatbelts and in what we today would consider very flimsy cars.

  2. I would say that the model “A” roadster is a 29 as there appears to be a exterior door handle showing in the photo. As I remember 28 roadsters did not have an exterior door handle.

  3. TT races at Ascot had a jump for the ostensibly flat trackers of the day and they jumped those Triumphs, BSA’s and HD’s in the middle of each circuit, so I am wondering if this Texas track was also used for bikes and someone decided to try the cars on the jump as well. Wonder how long they would last after a few jumps.

  4. Please tell MAD DOG that I have a labeled plastic cup container of Ascot Park Authentic Race Track Dirt! Edwin W. , Former BSA Flat Track Mechanic for Dick Aurandt, 55-X, Gold Star BSA,. Names: Ernie & Wanda Pico , Velocette , Ken Mailey the Hot-shoe Man, Marty Dickerson, Wild Bill Cottom , Rollie Free, Jerry Fairchild, etc.. How’s that ?, for: “Old Motor”? Model T’s , A ‘s & later ’30’s Fords did a lot of this stuff! We can all thank Henry Ford for insisting on top – quality Metals in all of his cars & trucks!!! Example: Chrome-Vanadium Steel.

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