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Everyone Loves a Parade – Weatherford Texas

Today’s feature image was taken in Weatherford, Texas, during a parade in the City in 1953. The municipality is located about thirty miles west of Fort Worth. The buntings hanging from the light-colored building on the far-left corner apparently indicate that the parade may have been held on the Fourth of July. A Gulf Oil Company Public Address truck is parked in the center of the intersection.

The parking lot in the foreground is filled with cars and trucks that date from the 1930s to the ’50s. A Kaiser Frazer dealership is visible in a light-colored building at the end of a block of buildings on the right-hand side of the parade route.

Share with us what you find of interest in the photograph courtesy of the University of Texas at Arlington.

21 responses to “Everyone Loves a Parade – Weatherford Texas

  1. I noticed the fair number of well-used prewar cars in the shot — more than we often see in photos from the early fifties.

  2. Behind the ’51 Nash Airflyte is a somewhat dented light-colored ’41 Pontiac Deluxe Torpedo Metropolitan sedan. That four window A-body shared with Chevrolet was a mid-year addition, offered for ’41 and ’42 only. Both that A-body and the C-Body Torpedoes were inspired by the Cadillac 60 Special. The Custom Torpedo ’40 and ’41 Pontiacs were the only years they shared the C-Bodies with makes through Cadillac.

  3. In the center of the picture is a four-door 1951 NASH, possibly an Ambassador; on the far right is the front-end of a 1948 NASH next to the front-end of a 1949 HUDSON with a visor.

  4. On the right is a dark 1940 FORD DeLuxe Tudor Sedan. My father would never have allowed me to be like this kid standing on the car’s roof !!!

  5. In the large picture, the man standing on the roof of the car, because metal thickness today is so thin he would do a fair amount of damage.

  6. I looked at the”standing on the roof” photo and comparing their heights with the people in the row directly in front of them I think those on that roof are in fact two kids and not adults.

  7. Are there still some 7-11 stores that still use the old sign like in this photo(just to the left of center).
    Or did they all go the way of the Western Auto sign.
    There are almost always a few holdouts.

  8. My home town. My father was probably in the parade because I think that was the year he was mayor. Six years before I was born though. The tall steeple on the left is the First United Methodist Church, the nearer steeple is the catholic church. The photo was taken from the courthouse in the middle of the square. My dad’s dark colored Buick might be in the shot somewhere.

  9. In lower left corner there is a ’39 Ford Tudor that has been tricked out with a sunvisor, chrome door visors, grill guard and fenderskirts. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were dual exhausts with steel packs too.

  10. I noticed in the distance on the right side of the street is a Kaiser Frazer sign. I see no K-F products parked anywhere. That must be embarassing for the dealer!

    It almost looks like an MG in the parade, too.

  11. As long as they’re in the photo, I’ll compliment the good-looking Texas horses there. One of my favourite horses was a little sorrel mare with a a blonde tail and mane. She was small but sturdy, and faster than a lot of the big guys we worked with.

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