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Three Cylinder And Air Cooled

In researching the previous post on the American Napier, I came upon several refrences to the company taking over the  B.F. Sturtevant blower plant building. There was a T. J. Sturtevant automobile made in Boston, between 1905-1907  but they were not related companies. T. J. Sturtevant is listed as having built a handful of four cylinder cars of both 40/50 h.p. and also a 30/35 h.p.

I have this photo of the front of a car which is cooled by a B.F. Sturtevant blower that is driven by a flat belt running on the front mounted flywheel.  Can any of our readers shed any light on this three cylinder oddity? Photo The Old Motor.

One response to “Three Cylinder And Air Cooled

  1. Why, with Franklin to go on, didn’t this engine have an overall blower shroud rather than the crude plumbing arrangement? Looks like someone’s little brother made it.

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