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Parking Lot Series: Northgate Shopping Plaza Greece, New York

The Northgate Plaza, located just outside the City of Rochester, New York, on Dewey Avenue in the town of Greece was constructed on farmland by Emil Muller a shopping plaza developer, it opened for business in 1953. At that time Muller had already built about twenty other plazas in the US.

The vast majority of the vehicles in the parking lot when this late-1950s photograph of the plaza was taken where built in that decade, although one of the cars dates back to the early-1930s.

Share with us what you find of interest in the expandable version of this photograph below courtesy of the Greece Historical Society.       

23 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Northgate Shopping Plaza Greece, New York

  1. It’s a little washed out, so it’s hard to see trim details. But what’s the compact in the foreground, dead center? The rear window seems wrong for a Hudson Jet. The B-pillar is more raked than a Willy Aero. Doesn’t seem bulbous enough for a Nash.


  2. Surprising number of convertibles for that cold region; the woodie wagons make more sense. Spot what could be a Ford Model A, the only pre-war car in sight.

  3. 1st row, 4th from the right, is a’57 Ranchero. On the extreme left, must be a service station with the air machine, probably an “Eco Air Meter Tireflator”. I don’t see one foreign car.

  4. Hudson step-down adjacent to the empty spot next to the 55 Chevy wagon.

    What’s the small station wagon on the far right, first row, two over from the Ranchero?

  5. Wow, lot’s of convertibles. A quick look shows 2 57 Chevys, a couple of Fords, a 57 Mercury, at least one 56 Desoto , and a 55 Olds. There are probably more. Also an elegant 55 Imperial, not a convertible though.

  6. The newest car I see is a 1958 Chevrolet. In the 2nd row, partially obscured by a telephone pole. Don’t think it’s an Impala because it doesn’t seem to have 3 taillights.

  7. The third row from the bottom up, 7th car (approx.) right to left, which you can see the trunk appears to be ’51 Hudson Hornet.

  8. What an interesting picture. From the utility pole in the foreground and counting 5 rows back to the left of the pole appears to be a ’50 Desoto. Hard to see the entire front grill but the 2 tone paint is obvious.

  9. I remember when Northgate Plaza opened. I was there as a kid and got a black and white photo of the Cisco Kid and Poncho. They were there in a Cadillac convertible for the opening. The Star Market, McCurrys Department store W. T. Grants boy do they bring back memories.

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