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12 Cylinders, One Passenger

We don’t often see side views, but this one is a great attempt to squeeze in one of Packard’s great cars, a first series twin six runabout (1916). Weighing in at about 2 tons and with a 125″ wheelbase, this was a formidable car, powered by Packard’s first 12 cylinder, an L-head with 424 cubic inch displacement. There was room for only one lucky passenger. Not until the 3rd series twin six did Packard create room for a rumble seat. The first series runabout sold new for $2750, down $1000 from the Dominant Six runabout before it.

Only four examples of this model survive. This photo, taken in Williamstown, MA shows owner Branton H. Henderson of New Castle, PA behind the wheel, and comes courtesy of Henderson’s grandson, Bud Brooks of Dallas, TX. Bud has kindly allowed us to post several family photographs showing different Packards owned by Mr. Henderson, this being the first.

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  1. Thank you for posting this and other pictures of the Packards of my grandfather and his family. I am very grateful for your interest in their cars, and truly appreciate the awakening of a part of my family’s history I has not been really educated on.

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