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Get a Coupe De Ville at Autoville Cadillac in Chicago

Today’s feature image was taken at the Autoville Cadillac Department located at 3836 North Western Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. It appears that Autoville was either a used car lot for a Cadillac dealership or a sales lot that specialized in used Cadillacs.

The second photo below contains a view of the sales office which is without a doubt not up to the standards the automaker set for the appearance of its dealers building’s. The reflection in the front window shows another car sales lot across the street. The right-hand side of the office has sign in the window that appears to read “Auto Refinancing and Insurance.”

Share with us what you may know or find out about Autoville or is of interest in this late-1950s picture by the Architectural Photographing Company courtesy of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

14 responses to “Get a Coupe De Ville at Autoville Cadillac in Chicago

  1. If not an authorized new Cadillac franchise, (and it certainly doesn’t appear so) I find it interesting that they use a neon ‘Cadillac” script in the window. I’d like the `58 Coupe on the left right in front. Probably no more than a year or so old when the photos were taken.

    • Nice Will, did you note you picked a convertible? There be money in that one. The Eldorado sitting beside it is probably worth the whole inventory, on that day.

    • Amen, John! The best cars of the best era, bar none. To me, `48-`64 were not only the tailfin years, they were the best sales years Caddy ever had. The cars sold themselves.

  2. The building which shows as 3843 in the photo appears to still be standing as of 2017 on google street view. It’s address for all three units is now 3839, but originally they may have been 3839,3841,and 3843. Next to the building and across the street are car lots. Hertz and Enterprise respectfully. There’s another lot at 3833 which appears to be a defunct business called sierra auto. The lot photo shows the address 3845. This would make it what is now the Hertz lot. Autoville was probably all the lots above.

  3. It’s a shame that the photo isn’t in color. Good thing I don’t have a time machine, I wouldn’t be able to drive everything I brought back or have room enough to keep them.

  4. Me too, John. Just give me the ’56, the ’55 behind it, the ’53 behind that one, and the ’50 something and the, and the ……….

    • I agree! I thought the ’57 was my favorite post 30’s Cadillac, followed by your choices, but seeing it next to the ’56 has changed my mind.

  5. In those days, Western Ave. was the longest street in Chicago. I doubt this was an authorized Cadillac dealer as there were not that many private Cadillac dealers in Chicagoland. I worked at the zone office on Rush Street and visited all of these dealers at one time or another.

  6. Hear, hear! The best cars of that era, and unquestionably the most beautifully designed. The lot is now an Enterprise Car Sales lot, and the office across the street with the two classic arched doors is a Metro PCS store. Ironically, to the left of the storefront (not seem in the pic), is a Hertz Car Sales lot with only contemporary plastic blobs displayed in the front row…

    Love live Cadillac!

  7. Autoville was a used car dealer that billed itself as, “Chicago’s largest Cadillac Trade-In Center,” and it was open seven days a week. Their used car lot was at 3838 N. Western Avenue, so it was directly across the street from the office (where the Enterprise lot mentioned above is located). As Phil Lundy stated it was not an official factory branch of Cadillac. In 1958 the only new Cadillac dealerships in the Chicago area appear to have been at the following locations.

    2250 S. Michigan, Chicago
    5201 N. Broadway, Chicago
    1650 E. 71st Street, Chicago
    847 Madison, Oak Park
    1930 Ridge Avenue, Evanston

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