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Parked Cars Photos Taken on the Streets of Philadelphia

We have temporarily run out of photos for the “Parking Lot Series” at this point so for today’s feature a series of three images of parked cars is taking its place. All of the pictures were shot on the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The lead image dated June 6, 1961, is a view of the corner of Passyunk and 17th Streets where Hal Woodard, a broadcasting personality from WFIL-TV was set up in the station’s mobile studio. Beyond the trailer on the left are parked cars and on the right-hand side of the photo is the Southside Rambler used car lot.

Share with us what you find of interest in these photographs courtesy of PhillyHistory.

  • This is a second photograph of the Southside Rambler service garage taken on the other side of the WFIL-TV trailer.

  • This early evening scene of parked cars with enhanced headlights was taken on February 6, 1939 at 36th and Spring Garden Streets in the City.

12 responses to “Parked Cars Photos Taken on the Streets of Philadelphia

  1. In the 2nd picture, sandwiched in between the three RAMBLER cars, is a two-tone 1952 BUICK Riviera, either a Super or Special, missing a hub-cap.

  2. In the lead image, on the right I spot the noses of a `56 Dodge, a `58 Mercury and Chevy. The second image shows a `60 Rambler sedan apparently getting ready to back up.

  3. Looks like the Royal Villa at 1700 Jackson is still open for business, 57 years later. Seems that parking violations were not a problem. I can hear Hal calling all his listeners to come on down to Southside Rambler for some great deals.

  4. In the lead photograph, center background, is a two-tone, two-door, 1955 BUICK Riviera, either a Century or Special model.

  5. The first vehicle is the last photo appears to be a 1938 Chrysler. The second vehicle looks like a 1935 Chevrolet and the last vehicle looks like a 1929 Ford Roadster.

  6. My Dad worked for the Rambler dealer in Saginaw in 1961 to 1962. I remember taking a weekend family outing in a Cross Country Demo. In 1961 he bought a 1960 Rambler Super 4 door just like the one on the left in photo 2, dark green with a white top. That Rambler made one trip to Oklahoma City, two trips from Kansas City back to Saginaw, and numerous trips from Columbus OH to Saginaw with my Dad, my Mom, and six kids inside. I asked Dad years later why he traded it in and he said he had taken it for service and the mechanic placed the hoist in the wrong spot and bent the unit body frame. It wore through tires like crazy after that.

  7. !st image, leading to the left a ’54 Ford Crestline V8 and other side at the end a a ’56 Ford Fairlane…the remaining 2 at the curb are a “mystery”!

  8. It looks as though Hal is preparing himself to be be able to “take your money and run?” The building is on jacks, permitting a quick get away!

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