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VSCCA Mount Equinox Hillclimb: Sofia Takes on the Skyline Drive

So, just who is “Sophia,” what kind of auto racing does the VSCCA Club sanction, and where is the Mount Equinox Hillclimb? In today’s primer for a series of future posts covering the Event, the Club, and the Car we can only give you a brief rundown today due to just returning from the event last evening.

In reverse order, the 70th running of the Hillclimb was held on August 11 & 12th, 2018 on the extremely challenging, steep, twisting, and turning Skyline Drive on Mount Equinox. The Mountain is 3855-feet high, and is located five-miles south of Manchester, Vermont, on the western side of the State near its the border with New York.

The VSCCA describes itself as, “The Vintage Sports Car Club of America is the oldest automotive preservation club in America that offers a complete wheel to wheel racing program in addition to holding road rallies and other automotive conservation events. The emphasis is on rare or unusual sports and racing cars including pre-war and certain post-war cars through December 31, 1965.”

And finally, “Sophia” pictured in the lead image is a project car at The Old Motor that began its vintage racing career last Saturday morning, at the Hillclimb shortly after it was built fifty-one years ago. Learn more about the 1967 Volvo 1800s here, and look for an update on it the near future.

A trailer for the “Introduction to the VSCCA” video we will share with you in the near feature.

Below are images of an Allard “J2,” an Alfa Romeo “Giulietta Spider” and MGTC racing cars at the 2017 running of VSCCA Mount Equinox Hillclimb. All images courtesy of the VSCCA.

12 responses to “VSCCA Mount Equinox Hillclimb: Sofia Takes on the Skyline Drive

  1. So cool, David. But, what are you going to do when they ban you for having the best looking car there ? Can’t wait to see some action pics and hear the reports !

  2. I live in Manchester, VT and had not heard about the race date. How can I make sure that I know about next year’s event?

  3. I can’t wait for the write-up on how the car performed!

    I’ve seen plenty of modern cars boil over at the top of that hill….

  4. Can you still camp out on the hill the night before? Did that with a high school/college buddy in the back of my Jeep wagon in 1954 or ’55. Best way to reserve prime viewing space on a favorite corner! Sort of odd to realize that what’s running as vintage now was of the day then. Same cars, just a few years later. Great to see!

    • Steve, That is good question, but I don’t have the answer to it as I an unsure if camping is even allowed on the Equinox Mountain anymore, hiking is allowed. A few spectators can be seen while at speed, although at the bottom of Mountain there are quite a few were the cars are parked and at the starting line.

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