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Hatch Chevrolet Co. “OK” Used Cars Stockton, California

The Hatch Chevrolet Co. was located in Stockton, California, and today’s lead image and the expandable version of it (above) show a portion of the Company’s “OK” Used Car sales operation. This establishment was located on a street or avenue in the City between two other used car sales lots visible in the photos below. The cars and trucks offered date from 1928 to ’29, and the newest vehicles in the scene are late-1930s models.

The exact location of this spot or that of Hatch’s main site are unknown at this point, although some research turned up that H.B. Hatch owned and operated the Chevrolet dealership in 1942. His son Herbert “Stub” Hatch reported that he owned a small portion of the enterprise at the time of his father’s death on Easter Sunday of 1944 in his book “An Ace and an Angel.”

Share with us what you find of interest in this image, or any other information known about the Chevrolet agency. The photograph by Van Covert Martin is courtesy of the University of the Pacific Library.

19 responses to “Hatch Chevrolet Co. “OK” Used Cars Stockton, California

    • Yes, 1935 Graham, the only year they restyled the rear body of the Blue Streak into a fastback. Unfortunately, it didn’t come off very well, looks more like a commercial bus body. The 1936-’37 Grahams have the Hayes body which REO began with for 1935, charged Graham a small royalty for each one they used.

  1. In the lead picture, on the right in the foreground, is a 1936 CHEVROLET Master DeLuxe Coupé; and to the right of this ’36 CHEVROLET, in the 2nd photograph, is a 1935 CHEVROLET Standard Coupé.

  2. I see 5 that may be Ford Model A’s. Second picture, 4th from the left in the middle row, a 30 Sport Coupe. Second from the right same row, a 30 Coupe. Back row with the trucks, at the far right a 30 or 31 pickup. In the bottom picture, second car from the front, a 30 or 31 Fordor sedan, and in the back, a 30 or 31 Tudor.

  3. Looks like it may have been at 332 N. Hunter St. in Stockton. The granite looking building is still there. The church in the background looks like it was the Central Methodist Church, which is gone and is now the Bank of Stockton.

    • Herbert B. Hatch’s dealership was headquartered about a block away at 129 E. Minor Street. He also had a lot at 332 N. El Dorado which had a car wash. The large building at the left in the photographs is the Federal Building. The dealership appears to have opened in 1939. Hatch’s business lasted into at least 1943, but by 1945 this had become Chase Chevrolet which was owned by King M. Chase.

      Chase Chevrolet’s main building can be seen at the following link. Replace the two instances of the word dot with a period to see the photo. This building still exists.

      www dot wrightrealtors dot com/stockton/images/m/miner-135-2983.jpg

        • Oh Oh! I checked it out and Peter nailed it…332 North Hunter street is the spot….go to 3D version and that federal looking bldg is still on the next street

    • I have a license plate frame/topper with the Hatch Dealership advertising. It was my grandfather’s. Is there a way to include a picture? It’s pretty cool.

  4. The 1937 Ford just under the “332” sign and the 1937 Chevy coupe in the last photo seem to be the latest cars in the pictures. Being a used car lot the photos likely date to late 1937 or 1938. The large sedan at the entrance does appear to be a 1935 Pontiac; it’s the one I would most like to take home with me. I love the flat-back styling . The 1936 Chevrolet coupe is also one of my favorites.

  5. Posted for Alden Jewell:

    My Stockton dealership directory lists Hatch Chevrolet at 137 E. Miner St. from 1940-44, and Chase Chevrolet at that address from 1944-95. I believe Chase had a used car operation at 312-316 N. El Dorado St. from 1944 to 1995. Chase moved to a new building at 6441 Holman Road in 1995 and is still there.

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