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Indianapolis New Car Dealer Charlie Stuart Inc. Used Car Sales Lot

Charlie Stuart an Indianapolis, Indiana car dealer sold both Studebaker and later Oldsmobile automobiles from the 1940s to the ’70s in the City. Stuart also handled the Indianapolis 500 pace cars for Studebaker in 1952 and later in 1960 the Oldsmobile.

Today’s photos are dated by the source to 1948 and show views from both sides of Stuart’s used car sales lot. As the signage indicates, the facility offered both retail sales to the public and wholesale purchases to car dealers. In later years the car seller also conducted used car auctions. The exact location in Indianapolis where the images were taken is not known, although at this time it appears that 1125 North Meridian Street in the City was the site if the Dealer’s central office.

Share with us what you find of interest in this image, and tell us more about the automobiles available for sale. The photograph is courtesy of the Free Library of Philadelphia.

9 responses to “Indianapolis New Car Dealer Charlie Stuart Inc. Used Car Sales Lot

  1. This photo appears to be a few years after World War II because I see a pair of ’48 Pontiac’s and a ’46 Cadillac convertible on the left side of the used lot. I wonder if the owner of the ’39 Dodge and ’40 Studebaker Commander parked at the curb are inside right now talking trade?

  2. The owners of the ’39 Dodge coach and the ’40 Studebaker sedan are fellows making deals to trade in their old ‘buses’. The owner of dirty Hudson coupe is there to “Get more cash for his car, drove in today”.

    Cadillacs were in high demand in those immediate postwar years, no surprise the ’46 convertible and sedan are displayed on the front line long with other GM makes. The Chrysler to the right in the second picture has a roof rack which identifies it as a Traveler model.

    No Fords on the front line, one visible in the second. Some dealers were openly prejudiced against certain makes, did not like to take them in trade or ‘handle’ them on their used car lots. It used to be commonly thought to get the best deal on a used Ford, buy it from a Chevy dealer and vice-versa.

  3. In the 2nd picture, center foreground, is a dark 1947 STUDEBAKER Commander Coupé [later called Starlight] and to the right of it is a 1947 BUICK [no script appears above the molding on the front fender] Roadmaster, but it just might be a Super.

  4. The Caddy convert is definitely the pick o’ the litter here. After dark, I’ll bet those glass block knee walls were attractive if they had colored lights behind them.

  5. All of the buildings shown in the photos were leveled when Interstate 65 went through downtown across the 1100 block of Meridian.

  6. Knowing how massive postwar Buicks are, it’s amazing how that Chrysler with the roof rack parked next to it makes the big Buick look like a mid-size car!

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