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Albany New York: World War II Era Albany Public Market Image

Today’s photo of the Albany Public Market lot in front of the Lyon Block Building on the far-left was taken at some point of World War II years between 1942 to ’45 when fuel was rationed. The automobile closest to the camera appears to be a 1941 Ford convertible, and a close look at the vehicle windshields in the enlargeable image below shows the Wartime gasoline rationing stickers.

The picture was taken on Market Street contains a view looking up South Pearl Street on the right at storefronts and a small dinner which is the fifth building visible. A 1935 view of the open air market can be seen at the Albany Times Union. None of the structures in this commercial area have survived, and the Lyon Block Building has been replaced by the Times Union Center building containing a large indoor arena.

Share with us what you find of interest in this image, or can add to the article. The photograph is courtesy of the Albany Public Library.

9 responses to “Albany New York: World War II Era Albany Public Market Image

  1. Next to the ’41 Buick (left front) I see a 37 Terraplane the lower priced model built by Hudson. I wonder if it is equipped with the “electric hand” shifting option? Snow and slush packed up under the fender does not bode well for longevity.

  2. My best guesses:
    1. Behind the front of the Ford convertible a 1937 Hudson Terraplane
    2. To the left and beside the Terraplane, a 1940 Buick
    3. To the left and behind the Terraplane, a 1938 Chevrolet with a winter front.
    4. To the right and behind the Terraplane, a 1941 Oldsmobile 60
    5. To the right of the Ford, a 1941 Plymouth
    6. Behind the Ford and the front of the ’41 Plymouth, a 1935 Plymouth

  3. In the 2nd picture, on the far left is a 1940 BUICK and two cars to the right is a 1941 CHEVROLET Special DeLuxe Sport Sedan [behind the 1941 FORD Super DeLuxe Club Coupe convertible in the foreground].

  4. It’s pronounced “Oolbany”. New Yawka’s have such defined accents. Loved to hear them talk when I was there.

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