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Downing Nash: New and Used Automobiles – Sales and Service

Today’s photo takes us to Atlanta, Georgia for a view of the front and left-hand side of the Downing Nash Inc. building and used car lot. The image according to the source was taken in April of 1957, which was the last year that Nash, an automaker located in Kenosha, Wisconsin was in production since its start in 1916.

The three-story Downing building was set up with the showroom on the first floor and the service department and possibly a body shop located on the second and third floors. It appears the dealership may have been situated on “automobile row” in Atlanta because another new car agency selling BMW, Austin-Healey, Mercedes, and Jaguar cars is visible in on the right-hand side of the image below.

Share with us what you find of interest in this picture, or any information known about Downing Nash. The press photograph is via the Georgia State University Library.

10 responses to “Downing Nash: New and Used Automobiles – Sales and Service

  1. Its interesting to note the other makes people had presumably traded in for a final-year Nash. Of course, they didn’t know that was the final year…

  2. Looks more like a storage lot than a sales lot. Maybe sales have been so strong, there’s no place to park the trades.

  3. In the lead picture, on the far left, is a light colored 1955 PACKARD Clipper surrounded by a pack of NASH automobiles [one a ’55 HUDSON] !!

  4. The Nash dealership photos are interesting because they show cars that one doesn’t often see in a parking lot of that era. This is what I think I see:

    First picture at the curb from left to right:
    1. 1955 Ford Fairlane Fordor
    2. 1954 Ford Mainline Tudor
    3. 1952 Buick
    4. 1956 Ford Mainline Tudor
    5. 1951 Ford
    Second picture
    1. Left row from front to back
    a. 1953 Nash Ambassador
    b. 1955 Nash Statesman
    c. 1953 Nash Ambassador
    2. Next row
    a. 1954 Mercury
    b. 1955 Nash Ambassador
    c. 1955 Packard Clipper
    3. Next row
    a. 1952 Cadillac
    b. 1953 Chevrolet 210
    c. 1956 Nash Ambassador
    4. Next row against the building
    a. 1953 Dodge Coronet
    b. 1953? Studebaker
    c. 1951 Nash Statesman
    5. Against the wall
    a. 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk
    b. 1956 Nash Ambassador
    c. 1955 Studebaker maybe a Commander
    d. 1953 Dodge Coronet
    e. 1953 Nash Rambler
    f. 1954? Studebaker Commander
    g. 1951 Nash Statesman
    h. 1951 Studebaker
    i. Willys Jeep Wagon

  5. Great pictures! On the used car lot I see five Studebakers among a lot of other very interesting cars. There is a ’56 Hawk street side. Two cars down is a ’55 four door sedan. Beyond what seems to be an office for the used car lot there is a ’53, ’54 or ’55 Studebaker coupe. Next to it is a ’54 hardtop. Beyond the Jeep at the corner of the building is what looks to be a ’52. Possibly a Land Cruiser.

  6. The photo of the front of the showroom is interesting, the cars parked on the street are parked almost too perfect, likely most of those cars didn’t have power steering, not an easy task to park them. I’m wondering if the photo was staged?

  7. I like the boxed parking spaces in front of the three story building. Maybe if we had these today, drivers would park more in the middle of the parking space. This would then make it easier for other drivers trying to enter or exit their own parking spaces. It obviously takes more time and paint to make spaces like this, but it sure would make parking better for everyone.

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