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Parking Lot Series: Sacramento California State Office Building

Today’s circa 1960 image contains a clear and sharp view of parked cars in a lot located at N and Ninth Streets near the State Office Building in Sacramento, California. The vast majority of the automobiles are average American sedans and hardtops, although there are four two-seat sports cars and two small imported economy vehicles in the facility, and two more out on the street.

View over one-hundred and fifty other photos in the Parking Lot Series. Share with us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of the California State Library.

25 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Sacramento California State Office Building

  1. I think that might be a Vauxhall Victor hiding in the shade in the upper right corner . The Fiat Multipla was none to common either.

  2. One of the coolest parking lot photos ever. It’s got it all… the best of the stylish ’50s Detroit iron, along with cool and weird imported stuff (Multipla, 190SL, TR3, and God knows what’s in front of the two-tone ’56 Bel Air…).
    I’d say the only way it could be better is if it had a bitchin T-bucket, a way-out Deuce coupe, and/or maybe a chopped and channeled ’49 Merc.

  3. Parked in the shade along the street to the far upper right I see an Opel Rekord, which Buick Dealers were selling from `57 to `61 or so. The `59 Impala Sport Sedan front and center looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. This image just shows how cars differ on the west coast. The older ones, like the `49 Chrysler & `51 Pontiac would be toast by 1960 in the midwest with our winters, yet they flourish in sunny warm CA.

  4. My best guess on the foreign car parked nose-to-nose with the ’56 Bel Air is an English Ford Anglia or Prefect.
    On the other side, hidden behind the tree and parked behind the ’55 Chevy, I thought this one might be a Hillman Minx convertible, but it might be a Simca Aronde.

  5. Sure aren’t many Ford’s. Above the white T-bird is a ’52(?) Packard 200 and one Rambler above the Multipla, which always looked like they were being driven backwards. The little car in front of the Chevy could be an Anglia ( or Prefect)

  6. There are two early Thunderbirds in the lot. The white one in the foreground looks to be a 1956, and the dark one, parked nose to nose with the 1952 Packard, is either a 55 or a 56.

  7. Site now location of a State Library Building. Looks like a 59 Chev Impala and 57 Plymouth Savoy parked on street. It almost looks like the windows are open for a hot summer day in Sacramento.

    • Hi Adam, unusual, no doubt, and horribly underpowered for US roads, and clearly, the driver of this one didn’t go far. In the 80’s I had a friend that worked as a salesperson for a Fiat dealer, and one came in on trade. I asked for a ride, and 4 adults piled in. What I remember about it, was the gear shifter was a hopeless “find and grind” deal, and with the 4 of us, he never did get it into 4th gear.

  8. That Rambler looks top be about a 58, but what is that backed in behind it, between the two Chevys. Don’t recognize those vertical taillights at all and the sides are flatly vertical. Odd

  9. The ’57 Plymouth Savoy looks very similar to one that my aunt had for several years, and I enjoyed driving and waxing for her when I visited. Nice driving car.

  10. Front row beside the 49 Chrysler Windsor is a 58 Mercury Monteray 2 dr hardtop. The distinctive style of the 57-59 Mercury’s didn’t sell as well as the very popular 55-56 models, but I always liked them. Fourth row next to the 49 or 50 Chevy coupe is a 58 Dodge 2 dr sedan which I would say is a Coronet.

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