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Parking Lot Series: Sacramento California State Office Building

Recently we posted a circa-1960 photo of the parking lot at the Sacramento California State Office building, and today we return to N and Ninth Streets for this mid-1950s view of the same facility. In addition to the vehicles in this picture a repair garage is visible in the upper right-hand side of the image.

Share with us what you find of interest in this second photograph courtesy of the California State Library. View over one-hundred and fifty other photos in the Parking Lot Series.


21 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Sacramento California State Office Building

  1. David,

    Thanks, what a fantastic photograph, there’re certainly plenty of vehicles top identify !!!

    In the parking lot, in the back row, 3rd car from the left, is either a 1951 or ’52 PACKARD 200 [ there’s another such PACKARD in the 2nd row from the front on the far right ]. In the 2nd row from the back is a 1940 PACKARD [ and just forward of this ’40 PACKARD is a CONTINENTAL Mark II ].


  2. That looks like a 1955 Chrysler Imperial parked on the street. Another high end car is parked in the third row, a 1955 Lincoln Continental Mark II.

  3. Ah–same location, different day! It’s Deja Vu all over again! Along the side street to the right, Interesting to see that `46-`47 Pontiac Torpedo coupe still so intact & clean; it’s even still wearing it’s early post WWII “spats” instead of whitewalls! 3 cars ahead of that, a nice `52 Starliner hardtop.
    Must be assigned parking; I’m seeing many of the same cars basically in the same parking spots as last week; I like the `55 Imperial sedan in the foreground–by 1960, that jewel would’ve been rusted fairly heavily if it were in the midwest.

  4. In the left-hand view, nice ’55 Imperial parked on the street, on to third row in the lot left of the ’55 Studebaker hardtop is a Continental Mark II. Above those two facing the viewer is a ’40 Packard next to a ’56 Pontiac and above it is a ’53 Packard Clipper. The other ’53 Clipper is in the right-hand view, second row on the right end. Also in the third row to the right after the empty space are both a ’56 Nash and DeSoto.

    Parked on the street in the right-hand view ahead of the two-tone Chevy pick-up and an early ’50’s Plymouth or Dodge fastback is a one-year-only ’52 Studebaker hardtop on the last year of the 1947-’52 body. Two of the popular, new Oldsmobile Holiday four door hardtops are present, both a ’55 and ’56.

  5. In the bottom pic, the two Oldsmobiles show the difference in owners. About the same year, ( ’55, ’56) except the one on the street is a mess, and under the hood probably shows the same care. Proof positive, one guy( with the nice one) had the best luck with Oldsmobiles, the dirty one, nothing but trouble.

  6. This photo appears grainier than last week’s. Because it had just rained and is overcast, the photographer probably used a “faster” film, hence the grain.

  7. Pickup truck next to the two walking women is most likely a 54 or 55.1 chevy or GMC. 54 was the first year for the two tone paint. It also has the heavy duty rear bumper and side mounted spare.

    • The newest Chevys that I can find are a ’56 Bel Aire in the back row under the telephone pole, and a ’55 wagon in the lower right corner. I don’t see any ’57’s of any brand.

      • The ’57 Chevy is right in front of the ’51 ford convertible with the black continental kit. It’s facing the camera. The left front headlamp, hood ornament and 1/4 panel side trim are evident. It may be a 150 model.

  8. There’s a lonely import in the picture, an Austin A40 Somerset convertible, only partially seen at the left in the first picture, next to the 1950 Ford sedan, just above the Studebaker .

  9. Since no one noted a 1955 Hudson Rambler (in the upper left of the first photo), am I seeing things? Please advise!

    And also about “spats” — is the name for fender wheel-arch covers also used for whitewall tire inserts somewhere?

    Never too old to learn.

  10. Everyone ran to their desks and acted busy when ‘ol eagle-eye Johnson spotted the Judge’s Imperial wafting haughtily to the curb…

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