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No Piggy Deals in Washington – Farmer Krajewski for President 

Secaucus, New Jersey Pig Farmer Henry Krajewski, was a six-foot-four-inch tall two-hundred and fifty-pound candidate who ran for the office of the president in 1952, 1956, and 1960 as Independent Party contender.

One of Krajewski’s campaign slogans was “A Pig in Every Pot” reminiscent of Herbert Hoover’s catchphrase “A Chicken in Every Pot and a Car in Every Garage” used when he ran for president and won in 1928.  The lead image shows Henry and his Buick parked in Exeter, New Hampshire on May 14, 1951 while traveling on the 1952 campaign trail.

Don’t miss learning more about his three bids to become the president in the short video (below) starring a record recording by the polka orchestra Bernie Witkowski and His Silver Bells.

Share with us what you know about Farmer Krajewski’s circa-1949 Buick Sedanette. The photo is courtesy of the Exeter Historical Society.

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19 responses to “No Piggy Deals in Washington – Farmer Krajewski for President 

  1. Sure would love to have that Buick just like it sets ! What a hoot, never heard of this guy, he must have been a character. Notice the grass and flowers all down the lower panels, thought it was mud or rust at first, ha ! Missed your daily dose David, welcome back !

  2. Sometimes I really wish an image was in color, and this is one of them. I get the grass roots along the bottom as that best describes his campaign. I can only imagine the patriotic color scheme. Even at 6’4″ Krajewski seems dwarfed by that awesome Buick.

    Thanks for digging up this classic piece of the American Dream. I’m off to find out more about him and hopefully that Buick.

  3. I grew up in Secaucus. Born in 1949. Our family had a farm there and Krajewski was thought to be a little excentric from what I remember. He ran the bar called Tammany Hall, on Secaucus Road. His business barely escaped the NJ Turnpike right of way. Possibly his farm was taken as 50+ farms were destroyed to get the NJTP through Secaucus. His brother had Charlies Corner in the center of town.

  4. It makes me wonder how history would change if Krajewski had beat Ike or JFK?
    Would the small block Chevy been born and bloomed, would the Corvette and T-bird have happened, so many possibilities.

  5. Well, this Buick is right up there with the ’90s Roadmaster that a pizza parlor owner here on the west side of Detroit drove (may still be driving it)… He brush-painted it in the Italian flag colors, red, white, green… and painted “The Italian Stallion” on it in big letters.

  6. While Secaucus today ain’t no Alpine, NJ or Far Hills, it’s a lot better than it was in the ’40s and ’50s when I grew up in neighboring Kearny, NJ. The pig farms are all gone now, replaced with offices, shopping malls and housing developments, but Jerseyites, no matter where we live now, still remember ol’ Henry and his Presidential aspirations. Just speculating, but if he had been elected President would ham have replaced turkey as the unofficial centerpiece of our Thanksgiving dinners?

  7. Oh, for the days before every political campaign became SO serious and SO expensive, when baffoonish characters would bring levity to the horse race.

  8. I wonder what kind of car Harold Stassen drove? I believe he holds the record for Presidential runs (9) from 1948 to 1992. Could you imagine a candidate debate in 1952 with Ike, Taft, Harold, Earl Warren, and Henry?

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