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Parking Lot Series: Urey Hall – University of California San Diego

Urey Hall is a seven-story building that houses classrooms and research facilities at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). The hall is located about one quarter of a mile inland from the Pacific Ocean and the Scripps Coastal Reserve near North Torey Pines Road.

Today’s five feature Kodachrome images dated by the source to 1964 show views of the parking lot next to Urey Hall. In the picture (below) of one section of the lot facing west, the Ocean can be seen in the distance. This location is about a mile south of the Torrey Pines Golf Course, formerly an Army base where the Torrey Pines Road Races were held in the early to mid-1950s

Share with us what you find of interest in the photographs courtesy of Calisphere. View earlier postings of the Parking Lot Series here.

30 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Urey Hall – University of California San Diego

  1. In the third photo, upper right…a 59 Ford, a 62-64 Studebaker GT Hawk (a new car then), Ford Ranchero, TR-3, and I believe a Karman Ghia. It must be pre-64…no Mustangs to be seen.

    The same Studebaker, Ranchero and Triumph are in the next photo…though not parked together. Added to them is a neat two-time Austin Healy.

    The bottom photo has an MGA parked next to what I believe is an Alfa.
    Also, note the old late 40s or early 50s cars in many of the shots, real college kids beaters then. Is that a fastback Hudson on the far left?c

  2. This image could have been used as a collage recruiting poster. The two young men look about the same age. Collage or brown bag lunches. Not that one is more or less important than the other. I chose the brown bag.


  3. Only a couple of cars over 10 years old. The newest I spotted seem to be ’63s
    The same with station wagons.
    A lot of imports and compact cars.
    It looks like the students were driving some pretty nice cars. My guess is that the full sized cars were probably family cars and the smaller ones and the imports and sports cars were owned by the students themselves.

    • I can validate your comment, Hank. This was my life in 1964, but at San Francisco State College. A photo like this could be taken any California state college or university in 1964. The clothes in the first photo (which appears to show a class meeting in the parking lot with their bow-tied prof) are pretty much what we wore. And yes, the sports cars were likely owned by students with a bit of affluence, while the imports and Fifties cars were more common rides for most students (’56 gold and yellow Bel Air hardtop in my case). The newer cars – especially sedans – were likely family cars as you say. They were great days though life seemed as complicated as ever then. Let’s remember Carol’s great line, “These are the good old days…”

  4. In the 2nd photograph, center left, is a light blue & white, two-door, 1956 BUICK Special Riviera. This same vehicle is shown on the 3rd photograph in the lower left corner.

  5. In the second photo there’s a ’61 or ’62 Corvette with the optional hardtop parked next to the ’56 Buick. I’ll take it, you can have the rest.

  6. In the top photo the ’55 Buick Special or Century dwarfs the 1st-gen Corvair, perhaps a ’63.

    Photo 1: a Renault 4CV and above it in the distance a ’54 or ’55 Studebaker Conestoga wagon

    Photo 2: a late ‘50s Triumph, likely a TR-3 and down front a black Vauxhall Victor…possibly a ’57.

  7. In photos #2 and #3 I see a white ’62 or later Studebaker GT Hawk

    Photo #4 a white ’55 Super next to a Renault Dauphine with a silver ’63 Tempest coupe and a white over black ’63 Buick Special…likely a convertible nearby.

  8. In the fourth picture next to the light column there is a MG saloon, either 1100, 1275 or 1300, and across to the right there is an English Ford, Prefect or Anglia, next to the Vauxhall victor.
    In the last picture, to the left, next to the Hudson there’s a Ford Anglia 105E, towards the right a red Fiat 1200 next to an Austin Healey and a Renault Dauphine in front.

  9. In the 3rd photo, isn’t the parking lot big enough! The 59 Ford looks like it did not stop until it hit the Nova. Late for class?

    • University parking lots are never big enough. I started at our local community college in the fall of 1969 and parking there was terrible. If you didn’t arrive by 7:30 you were not likely to find a spot to park; if you were foolish enough to want to leave (for lunch) and come back, good luck on finding a spot. Before my second year there they opened up another lot which helped some; however, parking in this lot left you with a long climb up the hill to where the classroom buildings were. Assorted nieces and nephews who attended various colleges in the 1990s and the 2000s assured me that the situation was no better.

  10. 4th pic looks like someone cut a good size brody (I guess they call them drifts today, so sad) through the parking lot when it was empty. That would have been me.

  11. Couple of solid axle Corvettes, a couple of Healeys, an MGA and a TR3 – cool stuff. Throw in a few 55 and 56 Chevies, a 63 Tempest and a beautiful 63 impala and thats a nice lot!

  12. 2nd photo on the right, first car is a 1960 Mercury Comet 4-door. Ugly Yellow one, just like my first car in high school. Straight 6, 170 horse, 2-speed automatic. Had to pull the choke out a little to start it in the mornings, but it started without it after.

  13. So many memories from these photos! in 1964 I was living and working in La Jolla, just down the road, and my brother was a researcher at the Salk Institute, virtually across the road from these photos. I had ’64 MGB and he had just traded his ’51 MGTD for a new Corvette. This area is unrecognizable today from then.

    The Corvair in the first photo is indicating ’63 based on the hubcaps and taillight lenses.

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