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Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs Number 186

This week’s Kodachrome feature begins with an image taken circa 1960 in the parking lot of Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA,  built for the New York Giants baseball team after the club committed to moving to the City in the late-1950s. Construction of the Ballpark began in 1958, and the Giant’s first game was played there on April 12, 1960.

Over a decade later in 1971 a rebuilt and enlarged facility reopened which also became the new home of the San Francisco 49ers NFL team. The Giants left in 1998 and the 49ers stayed until 2013. View a photo essay of the complete history of the “Stick” at “The Lights Go Out on Candlestick Park”  at “The Atlantic” magazine.

As is the usual practice in this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else you find of interest in the photos. You can take look back at all the earlier parts of the Kodachrome Photographs series here. The images are via This Was Americar.

  • This photo shows how the Pontiac in the pond featured here on  was removed after leaving the road.

  • This pair posting with a Cadillac convertible appear to be a “couple of tough customers.”

  • The color of this picture taken in New Orleans is degrading, although it contains a number of 1950s and 1960s automobiles. Where in the City is the exact location this shot was taken at?


47 responses to “Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs Number 186

  1. Allright!A White-Freightliner 3000 tractor with its beautiful teardrop side windows in photo 2.
    Thanks,Mr. Greenlees.
    Photo 4 looks like Canal st. in N.O. maybe because of the distinctive street lights running down the middle,not sure.
    Sure would like to know what the structure on the right is if it is.

    • Its a White 3000. Freightliner was a separate entity at the time. White Motor Company was the distributor for Freightliner trucks as early as the early 50’s. This was accomplished through an agreement with the Parent company Consolidated Freightways. It was later that White and Freightliner merged.

    • The structure on the right is the pedestrian cross over to the Algiers Ferry. It was upgraded after this image was taken and is now glassed in. The big billboard over the crossover is now Canal Place, a shopping center. That is Canal Street looking to the northwest. There is a Rambler American and a 1957 Ford where the Harrahs Casino is today. To the right is now the Aquarium of the Americas. Entering the ferry landing is a green 1962 Chevy, a black ’55 or ’56, 4 door hardtop convertible Olds, in the image above them is a blue ’59 Buick 4 door hardtop convertible, blocked by the pedestrian is a blue ’59 2 door Ford and a pickup. To the left is a Rambler American and a ’57 Ford. In the “neutral ground”, the name of medians here in New Orleans are a ’56 or ’57 Cadillac, ’57 Ford, a green Dodge or Plymouth, the tail end of a ’60 Buick. Plenty more I can identify but not quite sure of. Behind the photographer are the tracks of the Canal Street Streetcar line, which now connects to the Riverfront line. Today the Public Belt Railroad line is still in operation. On December 15th Southern Pacific Locomotive 745, operated by the Louisiana Steam Train Association, ran the Polar Express train on these tracks for the second year in a row.
      Go to Google maps and enter Canal Street Ferry and you will see so many more changes than I could put here. I have lived in Hollywood, Berkeley, Queens, NY. Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Albuquerque NM. El Paso, and for the last 42 years in the New Orleans area. I drove OTR truck for 30 years and yes, that is a White cab over. For the last 7 years of my driving career I drove for K&B Drugs and I delivered ice cream to all 184 stores. Just ask me!

  2. In the first photo we can now know for sure that the tow truck driver had hip waders available when he went into the pond to retrieve the Pontiac.
    And the 1948 Cadillac’s front license plate mounting certainly is both unique and odd. From the looks of the plate graphics it could be a dealer plate that was just stuck there temporarily.

  3. In the lead photo I believe the Rambler is a ’58 Super as no fin is evident on the rear door and the side trim is lower than a ‘59’s. The Buick is a ’60 LeSabre, the Lincoln is a ’56 and the Plymouth is a ’57 Belvedere Sport Sedan with the two-tone trim

    Photo #1: could be a ’61 or ’62 Ford on the left and a ’58 Chevy peeking around the WT Grant rig

    Photo #2 I believe is a ’48 Series 62 convertible

    Photo #3 I see a ’58 or ’59 T-bird convertible on the other side of the ’59 Buick, probably an Invicta. I wonder if the ’57 Cadillac to the right of the lamp post might be a Eldorado Seville

  4. Judging by the casual clothes and nice house (brick with attached garage), I see the Cadillac couple as someone’s wealthy uncle posing by his new car on a weekend, not a tough guy/gangster.

    My dad had a pair of uncles (my great uncles, both successful, wealthy and childless) like that…

    • Maybe David was reffering to the strap over the womans shoulder…perhaps a gun holster strap?? And whats the big guy hiding bedind he back?? butt end of a holster??

  5. It looks like the tow truck had a lot more cable pulling power than holding force judging by the blocking around the wheels. And when all that blocking didn’t prove adequate, it appears the tow truck driver was then able to elicit help from a passing semi to positively anchor the wrecker to so he could finally pull the Pontiac out. I wonder who is taking the picture? Insurance adjuster, car owner or local paper?

  6. Re: location of the last pic, from what I recall of my childhood that looks like it’s down near the old Jax brewery. They had a beer garden there–every Friday night my mom and dad and I would go down there; dad would drink beer, mom and I would eat french pastries, and mom (thankfully) would drive us home.

  7. In the opening photo there is a 1955 Mercury convertible sitting behind the 1956 Lincoln. Different times. Cars were left with their windows opened.

    • A Montclair no doubt as they didn’t make a Monterey convertible for that year, wish they did though as I once owned a ’55 coupe and seriously thought about getting a Monterey convertible until someone told me that they didn’t produce any for that year.

  8. In the lead photo, a 1955 Mercury convertible is parked behind the 1956 Lincoln. Different times, people leaving their windows opened .

    • Couldn’t that Mercury Montclair convertible be either a ’55 or ’56? To the best of my recollection, the below-the-side-window, usually two-toned inserts were used during both model years.

  9. The VW looks pretty new, a ’62 or ’63.
    @ Chris, it’s just a White 3000. White Freightliner was a different truck, made for CF Freightways by Freightliner before White bought them out. Apparently, W.T. Grant was(is?) a mass merchandiser on the east coast, kind of the Walmart of the day. They obviously gave S&H green stamps. I think we can just see the ’61 Ford police car fender. By the blocked tow truck wheels, he’s been there a while.I think Edgewood needs a bigger unit, rather than waiting for a passing semi, but, that was typical of truck drivers then, to help out. 3rd, that could easily be Uncle Ted and Aunt Franny. I bet he smoked cigars too. Last, looks like a good place to avoid, I have mountains out my back window.

    • W. T. Grant’s was a 5&10 chain that migrated into K-Smart-like stores, largely in the Northeast. They went bankrupt in 1975.

      • We had Grant’s stores on the West Coast, too. I remember the smell. Pet department (parakeets, turtles, hamsters) mixed with fresh(?) popped popcorn and mothballs.

  10. The first photo at Candlestick park looks like it was shot this morning, yet, it was probably the year I was born! (1960) . Behind the yellow `56 Premiere coupe with the driver’s window down (!) appears to be an aqua/white `56 Mercury Montclair cvt. Behind the burgandy `57 Plymouth appears to be possibly an import, and given the time period, quite possible. I’ll venture a guess that its a Peugeot 403 sedan maybe?

    Wanda and Al sure look proud of their `48 Cadillac convertible. I’ll bet Wanda wears the pants in THAT household!

  11. Aha! I knew that tow truck was too puny to get that Pontiac out of the pond. Not even a kind truck driver today would let you hook a cable to his rig–too much liability, and he’d be late, too, tracked via GPS.

    • Hi Frank, I thought so too. I bet even the driver had reservations about it in the last episode. Today, a recovery like this would cost thousands of dollars, bringing out the KW Tri-axle, scuba divers, and don’t forget the on going studies for the environmental impact on that pond,,,

  12. I reached for my 3-D glasses when I saw the New Orleans pic. I seems that the location in the city should be easy for a resident.
    I think we need a couple more photos of the great pond rescue. The car somehow got turned around or the tow driver took a different angle. And those are more “knee” waders.
    My west coast origins make me prefer to think that the windy old ‘Stick was built for the San Francisco Giants.

    • I realize now that the car on the left is not the one pulled from the pond. It probably was winched out backwards.
      Somebody must know where this was and have more pictures of the effort.
      This is sort of like the old serials on Saturday afternoon.

      • A little sleuthing to finish off 2018 turned up that the pond is (or maybe was) located outside Novelty, in Russell Township, Geauga County, northeastern Ohio, not far from Cleveland.
        The operator of the 1960 GMC tow truck was Kenny, the owner of Edgewood Auto Repair, established in 1959 and still in business as Edgewood Auto Body.
        I forwarded the two photos from this thread to the current owners, who were delighted to get them, plan to print them and hang them in the office.
        John Gray remembered a Cadillac that suffered the same fate and promised to dig up more info on this event.
        He did ask where the pics came from. Any help, David?
        Happy New Year

  13. First photo shows a white Volvo 544 (or maybe 444) way at the end of the third or fourth row. I thought it was a 54 Hudson on the left of the Mercury convertible.

  14. 59 Chevy way in the back up on the hill. I saw Willie Mays spank 3 homers there in the 60’s..great times. I also remember the concessionaires selling bottled beer to people in the stands…..Outside of Mays, McCovey and Bonds, the biggest impression for me was the fact that there were more people in the stands than lived in my hometown!

      • I’m having a difficult time identifying that first car at the top of the hill due to poor quality photo, but it is NOT a ’60 Ford. The car in the photo appears to have round tail lights, as did many late fifties-early sixties Fords. However, the 1960 models had low-mounted, horizontal tail lights with a horizontal fin above them.

      • Like AML, I first thought the lead car on the ramp could be a ’58 Buick based on its mass and proportions…and that I thought I could see a Buick’s curved side trim on the front half. But when download and really enlarge the photo, that curved trim appears to be no more than a slight smudge in the photo. What does jump out is the front clip has fairly broad, but not very massive trim that ends mid- door, a rectangular trim piece with a vertical leading edge that extends from a bit aft of the door to the chromed fender cap and taillight…but, most revealing, a long slender bulge highlighted by the nearly-overhead sunlight beginning just aft of the door that partially skirts the shallow rear wheel opening. With the massive chromed rear fender caps, it’s hard to tell what’s a taillight and what are stray dark reflections on all the chrome.
        Based on the proportions and those trim pieces, the bulge and the rear wheel opening, I’d offer that it’s a ’58 Olds 88 (a Super 88’s or 98’s front fender trim should stand out more than it appears… and a 98’s stretched w/b and overall length…6” longer than the Chevy behind it, would be hard to overlook. Interestingly, a ‘58 Olds 88 is over 2-1/2” shorter than that Chevy…and that seems plausible in the photo.
        Chevy: 210.8” Olds 98: 216.7” Olds 88 208.2”

  15. What’s the blue and white convertible (with that neat trim line just below the windows) with a white top between the VW and the red pickup?I

    Aslo, nice two tone Ford wagon on the hill.

  16. Hi , judging by the double row of old street lights that’s got to be canal st . Yes it was a Canal dug by an Italian immigrant wave .The Irish dug the Irish canal farther uptown . NewOrleans was one of the cheapest steamship tickets for imegrants .That elevated thing was probably a walk up to the second level of the passenger ferry over the mighty Mississippi to Gretna. At the base of the walk up is a white building on the right that was Werliens Music Store , open since the 1800’s .I bought a tuba there . Across the street was Friedburgs uniform shop where I bought my still favorite but now too small NOPD motorcycle jacket .
    The area to the left is now a Harrah’s Casino I don’t know how the ground was changed , but the street that ran along the river that ended there was called Tchoupitoulas .The backward “R” visible of the elevated sign I think was a Rosevelt Hotel and I think was one of the first air conditioned building s in town , no body trusted it ,it was thought to be unhealthy . The back of the square sign elevated on the left is over Carondalet St where the street car turns to go back uptown ,from being downtown where it travels for a couple of blocks on Canal . That’s right where the terminus of the Bacchus and Zulu Mardi Gras Parades is.
    The street visable in the foreground is now lined with solid row of t shirt shops . Back down Canal and a Left on Tulane gets you to Charity Hospital where I spent many years training and working , I drove to work and back in a 49 Studebaker Champion named Estelle,who drowned in Katrina
    I guess I’ll try on that jacket again to see if it’s still too small!

  17. First time commenting but a regular nevertheless. Thank you for this photo feature. I look forward to it every week.
    I was not born in New Orleans but have spent the majority of my 68 years there. I agree that it looks like Canal St looking toward the cemeteries. If that is so then I think what you are seeing here is the Canal St ferry entrance with cars driving towards the river and a walking bridge over it all for pedestrians access.
    Just a guess though.
    A happy new year to everyone!

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