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Parking Lot Series: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Recently the Grandfather Mountain Hill Climb was featured here, and today we return to the Mountain once again, which is located six miles east of Linville, North Carolina. Today’s feature is a view of a portion of the parking lot photographed early in July of 1962 at the Scottish Highland Games held near the Mountain ever since 1956.

This parking lot view contains automobiles dating from the early-1950s on up to then current 1962 models, and a bus that appears to have been chartered by the M.E. Davidson Scottish School of …..

Share with us what you find of interest in this photograph courtesy of the East Carolina University Collections.

27 responses to “Parking Lot Series: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

  1. Might that be the Davidson School of Scottish Dancing still in New Market, MD? There’s a 50? Chevy green to the left and a 59 white to the right. What a difference in styling even though the cars are essentially the same under the sheet metal.

  2. Center in the picture is a late 50’s GM PD 4104 (PD=Parlor Diesel) coach. First one with air ride. Had a Detroit 6-71 straight six into a 4 speed manual angle drive transmission. Drove one in line service. Great coach.
    I see a 62 Pontiac Bonneville in the center, just past the 2 guys wearing Tam O’ Shanters. Is that an Edsel sta wag ? Couple of Falcons, Studebaker and a 62 Caddy. Nice day out in the country.

  3. I think AML and Pat W. just passed out! I can’t find anything about the School of Scottish something, but I believe DeBolt bus lines is still in business. I think the bus is a late 50’s GM 4104. I always try and think what the pictures main subject was, and it seems, someone was very proud of their new Rambler.

    • Howard, I just about passed out with this great array of cars…and bus! Being in the Pacific time zone and getting up at 7am (early enough for me)…and if I can compose something even semi-sensible by 8 am, I figure my day is going ok. Today, as you can see, I just barely made it!
      As for AML, I don’t know…maybe the apparent absence of Buicks has him in a funk. At least you got a bus.

  4. Up front in beige is a ’61 GM B-body 2-dr sedan and a 1st-gen Corvair 500 (no chrome drip rail) 4-door. Then slightly above, a white ’61 or ‘62 GM B-body 4-door hardtop and another ’61 2-door sedan, possibly an Olds 88 (with its tapered trunk lid) and a black ’59 Impala Sport Sedan with its rear facing a ’60 Rambler Custom 4-door sedan.
    To the left of the bus a ’59 Edsel Villager wagon and to the right, a white ’62 Cadillac 4-door HT next to a ’60 Impala Sport Sedan, a turquoise and white ’56 Pontiac Chieftain, a ’53 or ’54 Studebaker Starliner and another ’60 Impala, possibly a 4-door sedan.
    On the extreme left edge appears to be a black ’50 Dodge…has the more vertical prow on the hood of a ’49 or ’50 but seems to have a barely visible lip along the bottom edge of the bumper of a ’50 vs a ‘49’s lip both top and bottom (and an entirely different grid grille).

  5. That white 1959 Chevy Biscayne (on the right) was my 1960 High School Car. Mine was black and fully customized by me. V8 3 speed with full Impala interior. Oh the stories I could tell.. Great car during great times.

  6. A fair number of `59-`61 GM flat-roofs, with a white early 60s Corvair sedan along side a `61 GM full-size sedan; quite likely a `61 Chevy Bel Air. New models include a `62 Cadillac and a Pontiac Bonneville hardtop that sits next to a `60 Falcon and `59 Edsel Villager wagon. A `60 Rambler sedan sits front & center.

  7. There may be another 1st-gen Corvair in silver just past the ’59 Biscayne and ’60 Dodge Dart wagon on the right…it’s certainly low enough for a Corvair.

  8. I am surprised that no imports are represented! I would think at least one Renault, British sports car or a VW would be spotted.

  9. John, possibly the first John mistook the black ’59 Impala Sport Sedan, left of the Rambler, and the shadow of its horizontal fins, for a Cadillac’s vertical fins…easy enough to do.

  10. The ’60 Rambler Classic looks very unlike those seen here in those years: two-tone paint and whitewall tires! Though the owner did stay with the dog-dish hubcaps so was still frugal.

    What strikes me is how many cars have their windows left rolled down at a public event. The prospect of returning to a blazing hot oven of a car without air conditioning and the trust that petty crime was a minimal possibility is reflected in this detail. Go to any event now, see all the cars tightly closed and locked even if there is nothing to steal in them.

    • Hi 58, brave would be the crook that tried to steal a car at a Scottish gathering. They’d pummel them with rocks,,,

  11. Man, had that bus been parked near The Bog at Watkins Gen in the late 1960s, it would likely have been reduced to a burned metal shell.

  12. I skimmed the responses to see if anyone mentioned this one, if they did, sorry to duplicate: Is anyone willing to doubt that from the shape of the roofline, the car taking up the lower left bottom of the picture is a full-sized Chevy? Sorry I can’t nail down a year, but I’d guess 58-61.

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